I would like to say, to the guy who just posted that you are a different man... that I used to be just like you.

And honestly, there is a girl who likes who you are, just not many.

But, the way you're going about it, you have to be confident, and willing to take risks. If you wait for someone to find you, would you wait an eternity? What if, all there is to it was you being "the man" to initiate a friendly greeting, show that you are a gentleman, and express your genuine feelings.

That might seem (and I'm actually pretty sure you think I'm wrong, I know I thought that when a lot of people told me this) but really, look at it this way:

Are you going to be the guy who sat and waited around, ending his life doing nothing and having nobody?

Or are you going to try to do something, change or do something different and put yourself out there, let that potential life partner know what a great guy you are and that you are confident about yourself?

Think about it. I know nothing about cars and can't bench 350 lbs. I'm not a genius, or an athlete, hell, if you saw me I'd look like some dumb kid to you. But I've found some amazing ladies that many guys have probably thought "why the hell is she with HIM?".

It's not that once people break up, they don't care. It's that there is a certain breaking point, and if you don't end the relationship there, both will suffer even more. People are in pain all over the world now, but the pain is not worth dragging around for a lifetime.

Life is too short, you might as well be happy living it. If you make someone happy, then that person will probably share the joy and happiness you gave them. And maybe one day, that happiness will reach someone that you broke up with some time ago, or ages ago, or whatever. But if you keep wallowing in your sorrow... I guess that's it then, right?

Make yourself happy, then make those that matter to you happy, then the others.