I searched the forums and I couldn't really find a proper place to put this, so pardon me.

However, I can't load the chat. Don't tell me "download java," because I'm no moron. I've downloaded it, downloaded all the plugins and whatnots for firefox, tried to open chat on other browsers like IE or Opera, and still it does not load. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all the java-whatevers on my computer (plugins, SDK, you know). I've gone to my internet options and ensured those Java options were selected, etc.

It's been this for quite some time, so naturally my computer and browsers have been restarted several times throughout this. Also, there's no pop-up blockers to prevent chat from opening.

On firefox, there's no little box with a red x in place of where chat loads, and in IE it just tells me to go to the Sun website (which I have, of course).

Can any of you figure out what's going on?