what is something you do or believe in that is weird in the sense that you know most people don't feel the same way?

i have an aversion to painted fingernails. for as long as i can remember, they have always creeped me out, especially the fire engine red ones. i don't know... they just don't seem sanitary to me!

there was an instance where my friend had invited me to eat dinner at her house back in middle school. i met her mom for the first time, who just happened to be cooking at the time of introduction. i immediately noticed her red painted nails, and i would never admit this to my friend, but it was the reason why i couldn't bring myself to eat the food in front of me that night. the thought of that food being touched by those red nails was just too much for me!

another time i was in a job interview and the person interviewing me was a woman who had these brightly painted golden nails. i almost wouldn't shake her hand because of it but didn't want to appear rude and thus lose the job. after the interview, i spent 10 minutes in the bathroom washing my hands.

don't tell me i'm weird, i know i am! lol