kk this is my first anime fanfic so please be gentle =)
it's called Mobile Suit Gundam Retaliation. For those who don't know, retaliation means revenge and thats kinda basically what its about. This takes place in a BRAND NEW universe with NEW characters and somewhat NEW/RE-DESIGNED Mobile Suits, so please enjoy!


New Golden Ages Year 101; peace has been kept for the last hundred years. The miraculous discovery of new oil and fossil fuels around the earth has led to a booming economy. With these resources found within the lands of New Asia, numerous countries have bound together using these resources for personal gain. The NAF, New Asia Faction, whose members include China, India, Mega Vietnam and Thailand as well as many others, has kept these resources from the rest of the world. To make sure the power would not be abused, the NGU, New Golden Union, led by New Japan and New Korea have secretly been working on a new project yet to be known to the public. This new project, which has been invested into by many of the NGU, set to fight the growing power of the NAF, is to be called Project Gundam Arch.


Seoul, New Korea, June 1st NGA 101

“Jay! Jay, wake up! It’s already lunchtime!” called Jay’s mom.

Jay mumbled as he rubbed his eyes open. He looked at his alarm clock, which read 12:01. His eyes widened as he quickly jumped out of bed.

“I’m gonna be late!” he said in frustration.

He quickly changed into a pair of blue jeans and an orange shirt. He groomed his thin black hair into a faux hawk leaning forward and headed out the door.

“I’m going out mom!” he called out as he closed the door behind him.


“I wonder what’s taking him so long,” wondered Noelle.

Noelle Parker patiently waited for Jay at the very first space station located in New Korea. New Japan already had numerous space stations in their country. Noelle and Jay were meeting up to go to space together for the first time. Their friend, Marcus Irons worked for the NGU and had invited his two friends to come up for the first time. Marcus was involved in the Zaku Custom Project, a
similar operation to the Project Gundam Arch. Noelle held her white purse in front of her and stared at the cookies on top that she had baked for Jay and Marcus. Her red hair ran down her pink dress as she continued to wait for her friend.

“Noelle!” called a voice.

Noelle looked at the staircase behind her and noticed Jay running up the stairs with a backpack on one of his hands as he waved with the other.

“I’m sorry I’m late!” apologized Jay.

“It’s okay. I should’ve known you’d be late for this. Seeing how you’re late for everything else in your life,”

“I’m really sorry, I really did try to be on time this time,”

Noelle smiled and pulled out the cookies wrapped in cellophane out of her bag.

“I made these for you,” she smiled as she handed them over.

“Food? Thank god! I haven’t eaten yet!” yelled Jay in excitement as he began devouring the cookies aggressively.

“Save some for Marcus!” she frowned as she slapped Jay at the back of his head.

“Ow,” moaned Jay as he placed back a cookie he had just picked up back into the cellophane wrap.

“When does the shuttle leave?” asked Jay.

“In an hour. You’re lucky the shuttles depart every three hours. You could be two and a half hours late and you’d still make it on time for the departure,”

“Then why did you ask me to come here so early?”

“Well you are late for everything aren’t you?”

“I guess,”

“Let’s go inside! I’ve yet to see what it looks like!” suggested Noelle as she grabbed Jay’s wrist and pulled him inside.

The space station inside was a huge circular dome. White and sky blue filled the walls and ceiling while glaring upon its reflection on the shining silver tiles. In the center were the front desks all arranged in a circle. In the middle of the circle was a huge pillar which carried four flat screen TVs on four sides of the area. Two of the screens were filled with lists of various departures while the other two were on different news channels. Around the front desks were various tables and chairs while a variety of fast food and souvenir shops were scattered around the walls of the dome.

“Wahh!! It’s so huge!” smiled Noelle as she twirled around looking at the ceiling.

“What the hell are you doing? Did you already check in?” Jay asked.

“Yes I did! I’ll be nice and get us some food while I wait for you,” said Noelle as she twirled away in awe.

“Go for it,” smiled Jay as he walked towards the front counter.

“Hi, I have a reservation. I’m Jay Park,” smiled Jay at the front desk lady as he handed her his passport.

All of a sudden a large explosion occurred out of nowhere inside the space station. Numerous screams and shrieks were heard as people fell and structures inside collapsed.

“Noelle? Noelle where are you!” called out Jay.


“This is Defense Squad Leader Issac Stevens. Rayeth to NGU HQ do you read me?” called out Issac Stevens on his audio system.

“This is Tomiko Van Haven of NGU HQ. We read you,” replied Tomiko, just one of the communications controller of NGU.

“Good. Le, Irons, McArthur, can you hear me?” asked Issac.

“Yes,” they all replied.

A variety of red mass produced mobile suits could be seen descending down on Seoul. The many voices of civilians could be heard saying various statements such as “is that… a mobile suit?” or

“I’ve never seeen one of those before”.

“This is Issac Stevens of the NGU. Report your name and alliance at once!”

“Fool, we are with the NAF. The day has come where we will finally take over all of Asia, Europe and the Americas!” he said freakishly.

“NAF? So it’s true. They have been using their resources on mobile suits,” said Noah Le, pilot of the Gold Zaku II Custom.

“I can’t wait to start ripping their hardwork into pieces!” smiled Jordan McArthur, pilot of the White Zaku II Custom as she cracked her knuckles.

“Just hold it there Jordan. You’re our newest member. Being inexperienced, you better not do anything stupid!” grinned Marcus Irons, friend of Jay Park and Noelle Parker and pilot of the Silver Zaku II Custom.

“What are those three mobile suits? Has the NGU been working on their own projects as well?” asked a number of grunts.

“The fourth one looks much different!” yelled another, looking at Issac Stevens’ Rayeth, a mobile suit similar to the GM but more heavily armed and defended.

“Fools! We have an advantage! We have much more resources than they! Fire!” yelled Karl Smith, the individual leading the attack.

The enemy Rick Doms jumped into the action.

All three of the zaku pilots jumped into different parts of the city.

“Prepare to die!” smiled Jordan as she reloaded her rifle and began pulling the trigger.

“Jordan! Don’t be so reckless! There are still civilians in the area!” yelled Marcus as he pulled out the zaku axe and slashed one Rick Dom diagonally.

“I know what I’m doing!” yelled Jordan as she kept shooting at various enemies.

Noah grabbed one end of his rifle and slapped a Rick Dom across the city while he quickly turned around and kicked another Rick Dom to it’s back.

“You NGU think you’ve got us beat because of you have your own mobile suits? Well it’s obvious you have met to meet the Zufinoon,” laughed Karl.

The NMS-103 Zufinoon had a head in the shape of a human while a letter Z structure was placed on top of the upper half of the head. A human looking closed mouth was placed in the bottom half of head. It’s body was in the shape similar to an upside down trapezoid. The Zufinoon was armed with two beam sabers and carried a beam rifle on it’s back.

“*****es, you’re going down!” laughed Karl as he pulled out both beam sabers.

Marcus strafed towards Karl holding his axe up high getting ready to cut him in half.

“All you NAF should just die!” yelled as he brought the axe down.

“Fool,” said Karl as he cross slashed Marcus’ axe into four pieces, the upper and lower piece and two small triangular pieces on the sides.

“What?” said Marcus in shock.

“You obviously have never fought anyone with a beam saber before,” laughed Karl.

“Take this!” yelled Jordan as she jumped on air and started shooting from the sky. The Zufinoon blocked all the shots with it’s shield as Karl kicked Marcus away from him. With his free hand, Karl grabbed his beam saber and shot Noah in the torso.

“Damn it!” yelled Noah.

“My turn,” yelled Issac, “guys, get back”

Issac pulled out it’s beam saber.

Karl started shooting at Issac who was quickly heading towards him. Issac dodged every shot moving from left to right.

“What?” said Karl.

The Rayeth threw it’s own shield into the Zufinoon’s head, lodging itself inside with the bottom piece sticking out.

“My camera!” yelled Karl.

Issac sliced the Zufinoon’s head off and kicked Karl to the ground. Issac stepped on the fallen head as he pulled his shield out.

“And that team, is how it’s done,” said Issac.

“We’ve detected more coming from above!” said communications controller Tomiko.


“Jay!” called Noelle.

“Noelle!” responded Jay as he ran up to her.

The once beautiful dome had now semi-collapsed. All the pillars had fallen and other eternal structures had fallen into the space station. All the lights had gone out and smoke had consumed the room. The two friends heard a voice over the PA system.

“Attention! All civilians please make your way into gate 7. We will be launching into the station in space where you will all be safe in the meantime. I repeat, all civilians to gate 7!”

“We have to make it!” yelled Jay as he grabbed Noelle’s wrist.
The two could barely see were they were going through all the smoke and fallen pillars when all of a sudden, the floor beneath them had collapse and the friends had fallen in. Noelle shrieked.

“Noelle! Are you okay?” asked Jay.

“Yeah, where are we?”

The sounds of war and battle had seemed to be more faint underground. It was a great change from all the tears and screams that could be heard earlier. Inside the underground area was a long corridor with various doors leading to different rooms.

“I don’t know, let’s just keep walking,” said Jay as he started ahead of her.

There was long moment of silence.

“Do you think it’s true?” asked Jay.

“Do I think is what true?”

“That rumored Project Gundam Arch thing…”

“I never really thought about it but it would be nice if it were, seeing what’s happening to us now,”

“The NGU’s hidden projects were always rumored to be underground. Maybe this is it?” said Jay.

“Hey what’s that over there?” asked Noelle as she ran ahead into a larger area.

This room was much larger in diameter. The walls seemed to have been originally silver but the amounts of oil, fuel and other resources had stained them. Jay and Noelle were standing over a balcony starring at a large human like robot. The torso was painted blue on top and white on the bottom. The arms were white as well and had grey joint parts. On it’s left shoulder pad read “Project G. Arch” and round its “feet” were black lining. The machine’s yellow “eyes” and its red gem on top shined in the light. A gold V part had been placed in both sides of the gem. In the wall right to the Gundam was what seemed to be an enlarged replica of a rifle facing down. Noelle covered her mouth in shock while Jay just stood there in fascination.

“This… This is… Project Gundam Arch,”