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Thread: Hayate no Gotoku!! - Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!

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    Default Hayate no Gotoku!! - Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!

    So I was looking over the kanji lyrics of THIS, and I notice that it differentiated from the official kanji lyrics by quite a bit, so I decided I fix it up a bit for my personal use. I noticed that the stuff that was written as katakana in the official lyrics were not written as such in the "kanji" lyrics section; and to make matters worse, it wasn't even in romaji, but purely in English. It kind of bothers me that this was in such a format, so I decided that I would submit a correction to AnimeLyrics after I've fixed it myself.
    So in the process, I found even more mistakes; they range from minor stuff like incorrect/missing punctuation and/or formatting, and major stuff like missing or incorrect kanji/kana used.
    I'm not going to point out there changes to the mistakes, since there's a lot of them (but if you really want me to, I guess I'll take the time to go through it again to point out the changes). So here are the lyrics exactly how they are in the official cover booklet:

    "H・I・N・A  MA・N・KA・I! ハイハイ!
    H・I・N・A  HI・NA・GI・KU! ハイハイ!

    どこまでいっても ユウキ色

    約束なんてないよ まっすぐ進む主義なの
    近づく予感は Dream

    Knock!のっく! (いぇ~い!)
    答はどこですか? (ここでーす) 迷って
    カラフルな純情 咲き乱れてく (Fu~エビバデ ほえ?ほえ?)

    だいすき なんて ありがと! (ありがとー)
    わたしも ずっと すき だよ (すきすき)
    もっと今日 (もっと) もっと明日 (そうだ) 自由な色で広げたい
    ナミダ も きっと ありがと! (Going my way)
    ワタシ咲ク 疾風(かぜ)[1]吹くゴールへ (Fu~) 飛び込むから
    本日、満開! オトメ無限大 見ててね

    アカ・アオ・ブラック 変身!ハイハイ!
    迷惑メールに返信? ハイハイ!

    ちぎれた切なさ ハート色

    後悔ばっかの夜も やけに落ち込む朝も
    繋がってるのよ Dream

    Knock!のっく! (いぇ~い!)
    未来のカレンダー (とりゃ~) めくれば
    パステルなEveryday 忙しすぎる (Fu~エビバリ ナイスバディ?)

    たいせつ なんて ありがと! (ありがとー)
    わたしも きっとおんなじ (すきすき)
    もっと最強 (ババン) もっと最大 (は、ビバ) 素敵な色で飛ばしたい (歯磨けー)
    ちょっと痛み も ありがと! (強引my way)
    塗りつぶせ 真っ白キャンバス (Fu~) 負けられない
    当然、真剣 オトメ無限大 見ててね

    これからもヒナをとことん応援し (応援し)
    いっぱいがんばってもらって (もらって)

    だいすき なんて ありがと!
    わたしも  「ん・・・だいすきっ!」 (きゃー) (よっしゃー) (やったー)
    もっと今日 (もっと) もっと明日 (そうだ) 自由な色で広げたい
    ともだち なんて ありがと! (ありがとー)
    ゼンブ咲ケ 疾風(かぜ)[1]吹くゴールへ (Fu~) 飛び込むから
    本日、満開! ワタシ無限大 見ててね

    [1]疾風 is pronounced either "shippuu" or the less common "Hayate", meaning a strong windstorm (i.e. gale or hurricane), but in this song, it's pronounced "kaze", meaning wind."

    Then I decided to correct the romaji lyrics, mainly to match the line stanzas used, and I found a good amount of mistakes as well (although not as many). I believe that any English words that are written in katakana in the official kanji lyrics should be written in romaji in the romaji section, leaving the actual English word for use in the translation section, but these lyrics doesn't follow that philosophy. But that's not the main problem; the person that did the original transliteration didn't even translate some of the words correctly. Then there are other stuff here and there.
    Since I'm using double-spaces for these romaji lyrics, I'm going to use an attached file, instead...

    And while we're at it...
    Lead Vocals: Itō Shizuka as Katsura Hinagiku
    Backup Vocals: Yahagi Sayuri as Segawa Izumi, Nakao Eri as Hanabishi Miki, and Asano Masumi as Asakaze Risa
    Lyrics: Kumano Kiyomi
    Attached Files
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