Magnus the Robot Fighter made his way upwards on the hillsides that led to the school at the very top.
His robot detector Homer was clicking like crazy at what was going on at the school.
"This is gotta be big--very big!"he thought. "What the hell have they got up there,teaching mechs or something? Robot can teachers?
One way to find out!"
He at last made his way to the top,stopped to catch his breath for a minute and then ventured onwards again.
Magnus raced across the parking lot and the walkway towards the school entrance.
Once there,he found a rather horrific sight.
There were four large and monstrous mecha bots all surrounding a pair of girls,one red headed and the other blonde haired.
A third was watching a few feet away with an evil grin on her face.
"Now--my killer mechas--destroy her and bring C-ko to me!"she said.
"I don't think so!"said A-ko as she was about to swing her fists at the robots.
But before she could do so,Magnus came flying over the first pair of bots and landed directly in front of the two girls.
"Huh?"said Ako.
"What?"said Cko.
"Get out of here--GO!"said Magnus. "I'll take care of these cans!"
"But--what--but--!"said Ako.
"I think we'd better do as he says,Ako."said Cko."I mean we don't wanna be late for class ya know."
"Well I uh---"said Ako. "I guess not!"
Ako then grabbed Cko and ran off in a gust of wind.
"Huh,that's strange."said Magnus before turning back to the mechas.
One red mecha swung it's hook arm at him,but the fighter dodged it and brought down a hard chop to it's neck,chopping it's head it in two.
The next one swung a massive metal fist at Magnus,he simply caught it and then rammed his fist into it's chest.
Bko gasped at what she saw.
"HEY!"she shouted. "Who the hell do you think you are decimating my mechas?"
Magnus gave no answer yet,he was busy with mopping up the last two mechas.
He thrust out his right leg into the chest of the 3rd robot a green one,knocking it down and then punched the 4th one a yellow bot down to the ground as well.
The mecha kill squad was done for,Magnus had won another battle against the cans.
He then turned to see Bko running away at the last second.
"Hmmm..she must be the one who made these..killers."he thought. "I'll have a strict talking to her when I get a chance.
Right now,i'd better go see what else I can clean up in this school."
Magnus ran around to the side of the school and found a whole nestle of robots,jet packs and the like in one of the side yards.
"I knew it!"said Magnus.
Meanwhile,back inside,Ako,Bko and Cko managed to make it back into Miss Ayumi's class.
"Alright class--settle down."she said clapping her hands. "Now let's begin the first lesson as we--"
Suddenly,a large explosion went off and then a loud alarm went off as well.
"What th--?"said Ayumi as she fell back into her desk chair.
Ako turned to Bko.
"B-KO!"she said. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?"
"ME?"said Bko. "DON'T LOOK AT ME!"
The door to the classroom and one of the teachers,a man with a moustache came storming in.
"But who--?"said Ako. "Oh no!"
While outisde,Magnus was smashing apart and throwing mechas and other machines into the side of the gym building.
A few girls in gym clothes were watching what was happening.
"HEY YOU STUPID!"said a blonde haired girl.
Magnus gave the girls a vicious eye and then threw one of the robots at them.
They all screamed and ran like hell just as he threw it at them,causing the robot to land a few inches behind them.
"Huh,punks."he said.
Magnus then turned back to the robots he was smashing when suddenly..
A single punch came crashing in the back of his head,knocking him down.
"What the hell..?"said Magnus.
Looking up to see what hit him,he saw the same woman who sicked her robots on him.
Except that this time she was dressed in a black and chrome bikini battle suit with a helmet face plate.
"You again!"said Magnus. "You must be the one who used those cans earlier."
"Cans?"said Bko. "I'll have you know those were state of the art mechas I used,and you wasted them!"
"Yeah right."said Magnus as he got up. "If they were so state of the art,then how did I trash them?"
Bko sneered in anger and disgust.
"Alright Mr.Robot smasher--YOU ASKED FOR IT--STARTING NOW!"
Bko jumped backwards and blaster her Akagiyama mini missles at her enemy.
Magnus saw it coming and then jumped high into the air,did a front flip and landed both feet into Bko chest,knocking her in turn to the ground.
"OOF!"she replied.
"Turnabout is fair play,ya bimbo!"he said. "I usually don't do these things to people...but you're wearing a can suit.
Allow me to remove and discard it before it suffocates you!"
Magnus grabbed ahold of the face helmet part of Bko's battlesuit.
"NO--STOP!"she shouted.

Suddenly,a single hand came slapping down on Magnus's left hand,knocking it away.
"Eh..?"said Magnus.
It was Ako.
"Just..just what do you think you're doing?"he said.
"What's it look like,beefcake?"said Ako. "I'm..reluctantly having to save Bko from your murderous reach."
"Murderous?"said Magnus,trying to keep his sudden rage down.
"FYI,i'm trying to save mankind from being devoured from it's technology,namely these stupid mechas!"
"STUPID?"said Bko. "You call these start of the art machines as well as my own stupid?"
"Yeah,got a problem with that toots?"said Magnus as he put up his fists. "You take it up with these."
"Okay I think we all need to talk this out before--"
Ako's sentence was cut off in the middle when a bolt of energy blasted the ground they stood on,knocking them all straight down.
"----before something else bad happens!"she said.
"And it looks like I spoke too soon!"
Hovering in the air before them was another mecha made being.
It was tall,sturdy and a chrome blue from head to toe,with a shark fin design on the back of it's head.
The mecha being also carried a long spear in it's left hand and it's right hand was glowing a white hot from where it shot that power beam.
It was also perched atop a flying whale shaped aircraft of some kind as well.
"Who--or what the hell is that thing?"said Ako.
"Dunno,but I like it's design and weaponry."said Bko.
"The name--"it spoke in a high pitched metallic voice. "--is CYBERMAN--law enforcer of Graviton City--and I place you--robot destroyer under arrest!
Come along quietly or there will be--TROUBLE!"
Magnus sneered at the latest mecha headache that he was about to face.
Can he pulverize this one..?
Will he...?