The sound of your voice sings to my soul in waves of happiness.
Your heart is my cage of sweet paradise within this world.
I close my eyes and see you there in glows of radiant light.

Take my hand and lead me to your soul of tranquility.
Limbs of sheilding encase me sending me into spirals of bliss.
The beat of your heart melds my own in pools of emotions.

Fingertips frolicking tenderly along your body in even strokes.
I whisper your name to the wind hoping it would echoe.
Eternity of your soft embrace would dine my heart with gladness.

Take me into your wings of protection and never let me go.
Flowers of bloom cascade in the rays of the sun all around us.
You are the light that saves me from falling from heaven.

Your every touch sends my mind into a state of peace.
My arms ache to hold you when I wake from a dream.
You shelter me from the cold grip of loneliness.

I give you my heart to hold and cherish in your hands.
Eruption of melodies subdue the fear of loosing you.
I close my eyes and hold you tightly in my arms.