There was this anime that I was watching around 5 years ago. I never got to finish the series. I remember that I really liked the anime, and I wanted to re-watch it. There is little information that I actually remember about the anime.
Here goes:
The anime had subtitles, I am about 70% sure on this one.
The main character went to high school, was male.
The main character had powers.
The main character was living with his family, and a few episodes in something happened at his house. Some strange phenomena.
He lived in a feudal japanese house, but in a modern city, sort of like the house in Inuyasha.

That's basically it. If I saw a little clip on youtube, I am sure that I would remember.

No, it wasnt bleach. : )

I remember vaguely him living with family, and a grandfather like figure. I think it actually was his grandfather, and everyone new about the power. Also, he might or might not have had a sword.

Sorry for it being vague, but im going off of what I remember, and off of what is jogging my memory.