First I apologize if this is in the wrong section/not allowed topic! I also apologize if there is a topic about this already (I tried searching mkv and such... but that's very non-specific and only 3 letters)

So... the short story - I've been anime absent for the past 8 years because of school and life... now I'm back and catching up

So I noticed that a new media for anime mkv has been introduced... now I know I could search all the tech stuff online but I think it would be more beneficial if people who have seen both can compare or give me an idea about their difference. My impression is mkv is better quality... but from what I remember avi/xVID almost always had amazing quality and the format is easily playable by just about my player (some DVD players can even play it... and it's easily converted to a DVD file)... can someone explain to me which they prefer and why