The following section will help you understand the profession system of the province of Amakna. Different professions are divided into two major categories: Raw Material Producers and Craftsmen, though they work in symbiosis.
Raw material producers collect various raw materials they can find on the Amakna land such as stones, cereals, and different types of wood. These different resources are spread across the Amakna land in mines, forests and fields.

Craft consists in making items such as weapons or equipments for your character.

Your character can either practice one or the other type of profession and will evolve in his profession the same way he does in fights, that is to say through experience. You will first collect basic resources or make small items to gain experience. Once this is done, you can collect new rare raw materials or make very powerful items. That's how a trading system saw the light between the different professions, enabling players to earn money and provide equipment to his character according to his experience level.

This guide will help you go through the different features of each profession, the place where you can practice and learn them, as well as the various materials you can collect or items you can make according to your experience level.

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