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Thread: The GVG Team and the Island of the Looping Pitfalls Chapters 3 and 4 Combined Part 1

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    Default The GVG Team and the Island of the Looping Pitfalls Chapters 3 and 4 Combined Part 1

    Chapter 3: Where is Skully and Snowy?

    When we last left off, the GVG Team was stuck on an island full of looping pitfalls, and then, a brawl began for Pikachu, Mr. Fluffolopagus, Mr. Hippo, and Spooky, but the battle ended shortly, when Mr. Fluffolopagus fell into the Looping Pitfalls. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Fluffolopagus fell on Spooky, the he told everyone everything. But now, Skully and Snowy are missing. Where could they have gone to? "GUYS!!!!!!" shouted Skully and Snowy, frightened, "Where are you?" To find out they got lost, we have to go back in time. Skully asked Snowy to go to pick food, while Mr. Fluffolopagus was talking. Somehow, it was dark, around 10:15 P.M. on Pikachu's watch, and Skully and Snowy can't find they're way out of the forest. "HELP!!!" shouted Skully. Snowy made a flag, and waved it, but it didn't work. "We're DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Snowy, loud enough so everyone can hear them. To be continued.

    To be continued...
    Chapter 4: Rescue is Here Part 1

    Coming Soon:
    Chapter 4: Moved! 10/31/09-Part 1, 11/21/09-Part 2
    Chapter 5 Part 1: Moved! 2/2010
    Chapter 5 Part 2-Finale: Moved! 3/2010
    GVG Team Book 2 Chapter 1: Moved! 3/2010
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