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Blood and Akuma: A vampire knight and D.Gray-Man crossover fanfic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own either vampire knight or -Man, Matsuri Hino and Hoshino Katsura do.
[A/N: I initially thought of writing this fanfic because: One; when I compared the Man characters to the Vampire Knight ones, I found that many of their personalities were the same. (Screams at self: What does that have to do with anything?! Get to the point!!! *sweatdrops*) Two; because I could imagine the story unfolding and thought it would be really fun to write. That’s my main reason, actually. Ah well, whatever the reason, I hope that y’all enjoy this story!]

1st night: Cross Academy

Lenalee Lee stepped out of the black carriage nervously. Her boot-clad feet touched down on the lush lawn noiselessly, and she took a few steps forward into the quiet, still night, purple eyes drinking in her surroundings. Behind her, three pairs of feet landed, two not as silently.
“Keh! Baka Moyashi, damn Usagi, watch where you place your feet!” Yuu Kanda, a dark-haired exorcist spat at the two others, a fifteen-year old boy with white hair that made him look like an ancient old man, and a redhead with an eyepatch and a large, thin-stemmed hammer balanced on his shoulder.
“Not Moyashi, It’s Allen!” the white-haired kid spoke as if he had said this line a thousand times; in fact, he had. Allen Walker glared at Kanda as he finished off the sentence.
“Keh! Like I care, Moyashi!” Kanda replied, a little childishly, and then turned his back on the other two exorcists, staring off into space.


The red-haired guy cut him off. “Yuu will be Yuu will be Yuu.”
Lavi Bookman sighed, reaching upwards to stretch his arms after the long coach ride. Most of it had been spent watching Allen bicker with Kanda endlessly, and he was relieved to be here at last. He glanced around. Their new home, huh? At least for a period of time. Komui had not said for how long.
The crazy head had abruptly decided that any exorcists under the age of 20 had to be educated properly; at least until college, and thus sent them to Cross Academy, where vampires and humans lived in harmony, it being a school. Austere white colonial-style buildings surrounded the wide driveway, and large areas of well-trimmed grass.
With the distinct sound of Allen and Kanda arguing in the background, Lavi sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

Huh…It didn’t look like this would be fun at all.

[Ending Note: Gomene for the short chapter!!! This is only an introduction though. The night class students have yet to make their appearance…they will in the next chapter though. Well, I leave you all here! Read and review please. (Or comment, in this case) Onegai!]