Okay, I will be making a thread with all my signatures. Comments and critique are welcome, as I am an amateur. I use Paint, Photoshop 7, and Gimp, but I don't know how to use half the applications on the last two.

(Most of my signatures using anime are for stories or fanfictions I've written, so I'll explain those stories if it is necessary)

(Misuzu, from Air)

(Misuzu from Air, and Bankotsu from Inuyasha)

(Bankotsu, from Inuyasha)

(Unknown and Misuzu, from Air)

(Bankotsu from Inuyasha and Chii from Chobits) This is the banner to an Inuyasha fanfiction I'm writing called, obviously, Talking Back.

A siggy I made for Talking Back

Another siggy I made for Talking Back

Banner for the sequel to Talking Back, Second Chances

Siggy for Second Chances