I'm looking for some help.

I recently purchased the soundtracks of My Neighbors The Yamadas OST 2 CD and My Neighbors The Yamadas: Classic Album.
When i import the music to my mp3 player i usually change the titles in original Japanese to English, but in the case of the Yamadas albums i couldn't, because my usual place for translated titles doesn't have them listed.

The place here i go for this information is:
http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/sou...amada/#fullost, but the title names of tracks: 3, 27, 29 from Disc 1 aren't translated.
And there's also no track names in the section of My Neighbors The Yamadas: Classic Album:

I'm asking if you know the names of these titles but in English (the 3 track from the original soundtrack, and all the tracks from the classic album), so i can import to my player?

The tracklist of both Yamadas soundtracks in the original Japanese symbol characters can be found here:

Please and thank you very much for your help.