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Wow i thought you were just being a duesche now i know your just lying and just trying to be different. There was no last guy, you made that up. If you had played online then my first assumption was correct, you got stomped and ran away. I only know this because everyone gets stomped the first time, because online, COD4 is NOT easy. The campaign mode is excrutaitingly easy even on Hard (Veteran, i think thats the hardest one, is another story alltogether.) but Multiplayer wil test you no matter how "good" you think youa re. Go ahead and try to give m another bad rep for stating my opinion, youve already given me one so you wont be doing it again anytime soon.

I'm sorry to have to bring this back up, but I am also an avid COD4 gamer for the PS3, and yes it is very easy online and campaign. It may not seem easy to every one but it is. I personally have 3 accounts that are 10th prestige level 55. It gets very boring once you can no longer, acheive anything, all thats left is to basically prove your more of a no lifer by trying to get the top score, playing what? like 120 days worth of game time? i can hit 10th prestige level 55 in 9 days of game time.....so i have to say its not all that hard, some days are better than others i suppose. Just my opinion, I'm not trying to telll you how it is or nothing.