So yesterday i was playing WoW, and of course im trying to do something everyone else is doing and i cant figure it out. Of course i finally do figure it out, but along the way someone told me to type /camp in the talk. Like the idiot not knowing what it did i did it. Possibly the dumbest thing ive done in like a couple hours.. Made me feel real retarded..

Then about 20 mins later i got on youtube and started listening to a song i hadnt heard in awhile (Sick Puppies: All the same) i lazely scroll down to the recent comments and wa-bam i notice some idiot talking about the bands lead guitarist.. they all think shes Avril Lavigne (Sp?), im thinking there a bunch of 12 yr olds cause she looks nothing like Avy. So i proceeded to fill the nubs in on some intelligence. I love how they sat there for like 2 days arguing about who it was, and none of them thought to open another tab and Wiki it.. I fealt very smart.. So smart it negated my retarded feeling from before..

So i posted all of this just to ask;

Have you been made to look like a fool, or actually been a fool recently? If so explain, i like hearing peoples blunders..

Have you out samrted someone lately that gave you enormous satifaction? If so, explain. No matter how smart the other person was.. I like hearing about their blunders too.

(i mise well just tell yall im from some far away place, to explain away this horrible spelling.. what i get for being lazy...)