"Oh my effin' Hades! You just switched hands!"
"We knew there was something strange about you!" Ria and Amaia shouted, jumping out from behind the bush they were hiding behind. Michiru, Chika, and Shito froze.
"Now, you see, that's kinda a funny story." Michiru laughed nervously.
And so found the two girls sitting in Bekko's office, him staring intently at the two teen girls.
"Ya know, ya look like a sketch. And ya walk like a creeper." Ria said, snickering. Amaia giggled. Bekko's eye twitched.
"Owned!" Amaia yelled and high-fived Ria. The two burst into a fit of giggles.
"OMG!" Ria shot up from her seat. "I forgot to feed my baby!"
"You've just been exposed to the living dead, a ferryman, a girl who can see when people will die, and all you can think about it your baby?!" Chika yelled in Ria's face. Ria hated it when people got in her face. Amaia knew this, and could therefore know what would happen next. Ria punched him in the face. Amaia couldn't help but laugh at the dumbfounded look on Bekko's face. "What the hell was that for!?" Chika howled, clutching his bleeding nose. Amaia also couldn't decide whether to laugh at Chika or help him.
"I've made my decision. The two of you will now help out Chika and Shito in fighting rogue zombies." Bekko announced.
"Yeah!" They cheered in unison and high-fived each other. Amaia and Ria had to lead the way to their apartment so that Chika and Shito would know where they lived. Their apartment was in a run-down building on the lesser populated side of town, but it was home. The girls had found fun things to liven up the place with.
"You have one hell of a right hook." Chika mumbled as he trudged past Ria into the apartment. Ria just smirked.
Ria and Amaia's rooms were seperated by a wall that was really just a door laid on it side and painted to match the bright purple and blue walls. Amaia's side was an electric blue, while Ria's was a neon purple. The bathroom was off to the side, with a red theme to it. The kitchen was all pale greens and pale yellows. The ceiling was a little cracked and the walls were a little dirty, but it was home.