Chapter 1 Part 2: The Brawl and the Looping Pitfalls

Pikachu and Mr. Fluffolopagus were exploring the field when they hear Mr. Purple yelling, "Guys! Mr. Hippo, and Scary are fighting!!!!!!!!" Eventually, the 3 of them went back to where Scary and Mr. Hippo were fighting. "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Pikachu and Mr. Fluffolopagus. They were running, but Mr. Hippo accidentally hit Mr. Fluffolopagus and he fell to the looping pitfalls (eventually, there was no ocean). He screamed as he was falling. The others heard him, and suddenly, they stopped fighting. Then, THUMP! Scary was hit by Mr. Fluffolopagus. "...ow...." both of them sighed.

To be continued...
Chapter 2: Tell Me, Mr. Fluffolopagus