Animeleague Club London - the new home for anime fans in London!

You can check out and register on the Animeleague Club London (ALCL) website here.

We will run on Saturday November 14th 2009 at the Slug & Lettuce American Square at Tower Gateway, London. With a capacity of 400 people, we are more a mini-con than a club, and run from 11am to midnight. We have dealers, video gaming, anime screening, an Artist Alley, DDRing, roleplaying, card-gaming, along with many events such as a masquerade, pub-quiz, parties, special guests (Roppongi Street are announced with more to come!) and much more! We will be running three to four times a year!


- We are an 18 and over event!
- If you want a member badge and don't want to queue on the day then you MUST register and pay beforehand! It only costs 5 for the entire day. Click HERE to register!
- It is not mandatory to register, but priority entrance will be given to those who do (ie: unless you're really lazy, it's a very good idea to register and pay the fiver beforehand).

If you need help with accommodation, we give it on our website under the accommodation and travel section. Still stuck? Then just ask us and we're happy to help you out! The more we can get to this, the merrier!

Want to Help Us Out?

We need as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to help advertise this and get as many people as possible attending ALCL! So, if you want to help out, simply contact us here and we'll see what you can do! We'll be shortly getting 10,000 ALCL flyers printed, so if you want to help there, that'd be fantastic. Asides from that, simple word of mouth and facebook works wonders! We NEED to ensure that London has a really successful anime club, so the more people we can have helping with this project, the more chance it'll have of being a massive success!