Apparently I'm in a corrective mood lately.

胸の裏は 月の満ち欠け
僕に見せぬ 愛の影が揺れる
白い肌は 夜に浮かんで
何も言わぬ 心抱いて隠す

>I can see you stand there
>Despite the lack of the moon,
>I can see your face, dear,
>That loveless expression remains there
>Stunning like a white rose,
>But one that's carved out of stone
>You won't say a thing, love
>Though I swear I'd give you my heart, and

Inside my chest, the moon waxes and wanes
Unseen by me, the shadow of love wavers
Your white body floats in the night
Without saying anything, you hold your heart hidden

Considering that the current translation seems to be made up out of whole cloth based on a few random words in the original -- it seems like the translator caught, say, "moon," "see," "love," "white," "not saying anything" and "heart," but didn't have a very clear idea of the context or anything.

Also, way back when I fixed the translit, I changed the line breaks to match the incorrect ones in the translation; if you could possibly fix the translit to match the line breaks in the corrected translation, that'd be great.