Hello Everyone, this is the first story I have decided to post on AF. I really like how this one turned out and hope you will too. If there are type-o's, I apologize, I'm horrible at finding them in my own writing.

So please enjoy my short story.


I cried.

Thatís all I did since I got home, cry, sob, and try not to make noise. I didnít want my parents to know how much it hurt me, how much I wish she was here. I looked around her room. The wall with the poster of Johnny Depp and thousands of print out and hand cut pictures of her favorite people covering every inch. Her bed still messy from this morning. Her Simple Plan poster above where I was, on the edge of the bed. The Dell that she gave me last year on her Birthday when she got her awesome new computer that she name Auroa. Her dresser now empty, not even one of her many costumes remaining where they were. Another sob popped out of my throat as I saw it. The doll she made before she left, Hidan. The hand-made felt doll with a crochet cloak that was black with red clouds surrounded with a white lining. He had a goofy smile with big eyes and long white hair, slicked back just like the character and the wig she used to dress up as him for PortCon last year, a anime conversation we went to every year.

She forgot it.

I couldnít stop crying now, I balled my eyes out and tried to fine reason in how she could forget it. Deep down I knew I was being silly. It was easy to forget one doll when you have to pack up everything for your new life. I looked at the empty spots where boxes were not long ago. They were filled with newly ordered quilts, pillow, towels, and crates. She had the XBox 360 and the PS2 already together, both rapt in soft baby blankets for the long ride to Vermont. I remember her and my parents franticly searching for the papers to get her books and room key. I also remember the three of them looking at the college website and me squishing in to see her new home. When we left yesterday and she said goodbye to my little sisters, giving them each a quick hug, it seemed like she was only going to be gone a day like the rest of us and we wouldnít have to leave her behind the day after. On the way home tonight it didnít seem any different, I didnít miss her yet because I didnít think she was really gone, not yet, not ever. But when I stepped in her room, the room that is going to be mine now, I fell apart.

I continued to fall apart, I sobbed quietly, rolled up in a ball in her blankets that she left and hugged my white jacket with a fluffy hood to my face, trying to listen to see if my parents were coming up the stairs. I kept Hidan close, afraid to let go of him for an instant for it might mean I was letting go of her, something I could never do, ever.

After a while, I ran out of tears. My cheeks were raw and my eyes face was all sticky and disgusting from the tears. I just laid there, still with dry sobs coming out every now and then. I tried to get up but I was afraid that the moment I went down stairs I would break down again. So I laid back down.

I soon drifted off and dreamed of her being here and asking me whatís wrong and telling me to cheer up or she would tickle me. She then talk non-stop about her many beloved and every other person she liked. Teasing me about Itachi, a guy she said I liked. I laughed and denied it but then a sound broke through it. An annoying sound that repeated and seamed to whine in my ear.

Ring Ring Ring Ring.

The phone.

I didnít want to pick up, I didnít want to talk to anyone.

Ring Ring Ring Ring.

I didnít have a choice. I reached out for the black portable phone and pushed the Talk button.

ďHello?Ē I answered, not wanting to sound sad

ďHello The NanukanaĒ she chimed in her happy, bouncy, totally Onee-sama way. I laughed as the tears and sadness left me, just like they were never there, just like she never left me. She was my sister, she would always be here, college or no college. I smiled and responded.