So, you want a taste of Japan? Obviously, you can't say yes if you live there. Also, I realize that some of the things that will pop up in this thread are not...authentic. But it's the best we can get short of traveling there. [I will, one day]

So, you've got your ramen, your yakisoba, your gari and sushi. You've got your pocky, your kiwi flavored gummies [I love those], your Hapi snack mix - I eat that like Tony Montana snorts coke. You've probably been to a Japanese restaurant, did they put the raw egg on top?

What else is there?

Here's my contribution. If you're old enough - AND ONLY IF YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH - go down to the local liquor store. If your town has an asian population, chances are there's some Sake there, it will be in with the wine. I have not found it in TX, but I have not looked. I got it in Binghamton, NY, though. You may be able to order some online, depending on your local laws. Try it if you haven't, it's certainly unique. And go read up on how to drink it, I'm not doing your homework for you.

Done that?

Go to your local beer store -might be your grocer, might be a specialty shop depending on your state...and pick up a six pack of Sapporo, which is Japanese imported beer, made with RICE. It's tasty, in my opinion.

Again, you should only take my alcohol advice if you are old enough to do so in your state or country. Always drink responsibly.

What do you recommend?