Title: Fairy Tail
Alternative Title: フェアリーテイル

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen

Year of Release: 2006
Status: Ongoing
Author: Mashima Hiro

Plot Summary: Welcome to a world filled with magic spells, flying cats, and exhibitionist ice mages! We travel to the land of Fiore, where we stumble upon Fairy Tail; a mage guild with the most outrageous and interesting people you can find. This particular tale begins with a very atypical "boy meets girl". A young lass named Lucy -aspiring to be a member of said guild- and Natsu -a flame mage looking for his foster parent Igneel (who turns out to be a Dragon!)- bump heads in the port town of Harujion...

Story (10/10): At first I thought, it would be just any other fantasy mangas out there, but I was wrong. This manga gives off a different feeling. It's somehow you're also in their group doing adventures, having fun, and sharing sadness and pain. You may also feel something like "Wow! What a nice guild they have! I wish I
had friends like them..."
While I was reading further, I think about chapter 3 or 4, I thought the one who made this was the author of One Piece, Oda Eiichiro. Cause it somehow reminds you of One Piece and Rave Master, one of Mashima's works.

Characters (10/10): The charac
ters here almost have the same personalities like being witty, weird, funny, pervets, etc...But that's also the fact that this makes a great manga. Most, no, maybe all of them are simply awesome and cool. I mean, using different kinds of magic and stuff. Having extraordinary characters really emphasizes the story.Each of the characters have their own tragic pasts which makes the story even more interesting.

Art (10/10):Even though the art is like simple, it definitely fits the story. Even though some characters have
somehow misshapen heads , it does really blend in with the story and theme, and I think related to their magic. Their fault faces are quite really nice. It really makes you laugh or maybe smile a little .
Just look at this picture. It has a really nice touch, isn't it?

Overall (10/10): This manga is really must try. You'll feel excitement when reading this manga and crave for more adventure and Lucy's boobs <-Ooops!