Poem about ice cream:

Ice cream
What a dream
a thousand flavor
for me to savor
What a joyus treat
Such a feat
to eat all 5 scoops
Ties my tongue in loops
oh so cold
makes the brain fold
and gringe and freeze
makes ya sigh "jeez,
Not this horrid brainfreeze"

Poem about spring:

songs of birds ring the air,
down the way comes winter's heir,
the birds pass the colored flowers by,
raindrops wet the grey sky,
leaves on long-dead trees stretch out,
small mammals scurry about,
this is springtime,
let it chime.

Poem I wrote while slightly lovesick XD

Your happiness is the world to me,
Can't you see,
That you are my world
Before you I fold
Down to a knee
your smile is the world to me.

It's all I can do
The sole thing I can do for you
Is put a smile on those lips
That could launch a thousand ships
I am useless too you
Because that is all I can do