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The events in Idiot Beloved take place shortly after the Dark Tournament; Firebird Sweet directly follows that timeline, and you can probably get more out of this sidefic if you read IB and its sequel first.

Title: Operation Rosary C6: Aftermath
Author: JaganshiKenshin
Genre: Action/Adventure, General
Rating: K+/PG-13
Summary: Never leave a man behind---only now, there's no one to go back for.
A/N: Operation Rosary is told through the viewpoint of Hiei's 'partner,' who has just witnessed a tragic event. The burnt-out factory of Two Shots (YYH manga, Vol. 7) was the main setting. Thanks for reading this---I really appreciate your reviews.

"I can't believe he's gone!"

Never leave a man behind.

Close by Issei's side, Op-X toppled to the ground. Torn between two imperatives, he chose the immediate. Turning back to Op-X, he assisted the Agency man, and saw that Op-X was no longer clutching the Rosary. The things a man notices at a time like this. He must have dropped them along the way. "Better stay off your feet for now," Issei advised. His voice was steady.

Op-X grunted, nodding. "Dizzy." The movie-idol features shone with sweat. "Those monsters back then---"

"They're gone now," Issei assured him. "The monsters." And so's Hiei. Hiei was clearly carrying some explosive device the enemy couldn't detect---something along the lines of a bomb secreted beneath his skin, or even ingested, like a deadly variation of the classic cyanide pill. That's what he meant by an attack of light. Talk about completing a mission! There'll be nothing left but ashes.

And because of that sacrifice, Issei would live to see Miss Sakamoto Emi again, with her silver hair and violet eyes. But for Hiei and his family, there would be no such happy reunion.

Op-X settled on the ground, the tree supporting his back. Issei still felt the need to return to the factory, make absolutely certain there was no hope---not because it was something 007 would do; it was something Hiei would do.

The reek of burning wire stung his nostrils, needled his eyes. Smoke had spread from the building to engulf the grounds in a thick mantle. There were still enough combustibles inside to burn for a while. All those bodies, melting down to components of fat and bone. And he couldn't even call the Agency, let alone the fire department.

As soon as Op-X can move, Issei told himself, we'll make our way to the main road, thumb a ride, find a phone, file a report. Mission: accomplished. Egg: destroyed. Hiei: lost.

Men were killed in the line of duty. Issei knew it. Didn't make this particular outcome any easier to take. If he had been faster, stronger, pulled Hiei out----

No. Then Op-X would not be here, breathing the smoky air.
Having made his decision, Issei felt calm and clear-headed. He would proceed, even if he only brought back a body for burial.
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Begining with Ch One: 'Bond---James Bond?'

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Annnnd, an excerpt from the next fic, the Kaitou Yuu adventure, Book of Cat With Moon (any Kaitou fans out there?):

Though it was past midnight, Kaitou Yuu had another column to put to bed.

The column, lamenting the sorry state of contemporary television programming, was all but finished, and just wanted a light touch of editing before Kaitou could call it quits. Now would be an excellent time to take a break, stretch his legs, and stroll around the block for some coffee.

It had rained earlier, and the air still held onto a scent of flint, and a knife-edge of distant thunder. The sidewalks glistened with flecks of color stolen from neon signs. Pulling up the collar of his overcoat, Kaitou headed for the coffee shop.

"You're dead," said a voice.

Kaitou froze.

The sepulchral pronouncement had startled him, but not nearly so much as the simultaneous tap on his shoulder.

"Who's there?" No one behind him.

"This way, dolt."

On the rain-slicked sidewalk, appearing like Satan's favorite handmaiden, stood Hiei, arms crossed, scowling.

He had come upon Kaitou so suddenly, soundlessly, yes, supernaturally, that Kaitou never realized it until the fire demon was standing before him and Kaitou's heart was slamming against his ribs. "You can't kill me!" He gave a thin protest. "Demons aren't allowed---"

"I have a license to kill."

Kaitou's blood turned to ice. "Like James B-bond?"

"Sort of, but less discriminating." Hiei bared his teeth. It was not a smile.

Kaitou took a step back, but there was no escape.

(From The Book of Cat With Moon: to be continued---eventually)