I can quite think of a name man for it yet. Either Project Black Ink or Project Paranoid Black.
I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in first before I go putting up a useless sign up thread and no one be interested.
Okay here ya go man:

Project Black Ink/ Project Paranoid Black

I didn't know for sure. Sure if the dead had arrived or the dead had left. I wasn't sure for a moment. A bare moment whether I was alone or with people. I thought. I thought for only a moment about where I stood. I know. Now I know that they were after me all along.


The game will be like the television show Doctor Who and Star Trek. A group of travelers gather together to cross onto this space traveling project. Taking a concept of not only traveling through space, but time as well.
In honor the ship's name is the T.A.R.D.I.S 2[Time And Relative Dimensions In Space].
Along the way you'll meet horrible badies, wonderful goodies, and excited adventures.
Their even may be a Timelord amongst the group.
And everyone can be of relatively different races. We won't just have humans in the space traveling group.
You can bring any race from Star Trek or Doctor Who....ever heard of a good hearted Cyberman. Or you can make up any of your own.

Anyone interested?