Man the search button is acting weird and keeps taking me to the index. So yeah I couldn't properly search to see if there was a thread or not. So if there is one, sorry for putting this up. Who watches or has watched Nabari No Ou? I'm at only episode nineteen because the subbers I was getting it from dropped the show man and there are a whole bunch of raws out, but no subs. So yeah no spoilers after episode nineteen please. Who's your favorite character? Mine is Yoite, yeah I like the sissy ninja guy whom is always begging for his disappearance. What do you like about Nabari no Ou? I like the story man I think it's interesting and kind of cool. What do you dislike? They are probably the sissiest ninjas ever. They are worse then Naruto. Everyone has some sort of problem in this one.
But I like Nabari No Ou because the battles are fast and cool the way ninjas should be fighting, I'm staring at you Naruto Shipuden with 2 episode stare down, reveal your past, then fight. Who are my Nabari No Ou fans?