A few things about me

Real Name: Dave/David/Davey[-_- I'll kill you if you call me this}
Age: 27
Occupation: College Student currently enrolled with Western Governor's University for a Bachelors degree in Information Systems: Security In the fall I will be dual registered with this school and my local College to finish my Computer Programming degree.
Hobbies: Chess Anime/Manga obviously/ I play yug-gi-oh and MTG, online I spend my time between Forums and an MMORPG known as Perfect World.
What I believe: "Get busy living or get busy dying", I'll get along with almost anyone but If I don't like you you will find out, Trolls are stupid.

AIM: Planutdave2
MSN: [email protected]
PM me or IM me if you just want to chat or whatever.

Thanks for reading I'll be around.