A shorter chapter this time. There is actually a LOT more to this chapter but after evaluating it I figured in actual novel format I would need spacers so this is actually Chapter 2: Part 1 per se. Anyway hope you enjoy, Feedback appreciated.

Chapter 2

Having arrived at the Schoolgate, the self-proclaimed Mysterious Beauty clung to my arm tighter than before.

“Hey, how long are you going to cling to me. I mean we’re already here so let go.”

“Ehehe don’t wanna.”

Like a spoiled child she brought her face in and rubbed it on my arm.

“What’s wrong, are you embarrassed? Is your heart beating really fast from having such a cute girl press her big breasts against your arm?”

Sticking out her tongue and mouthing the word ‘pervert’ she continued to cling and tease me.

“I-Idiot! Only a child would get excited by that and how many times do I have to say who ever said you were cu-”

Once again before I could finish that word there was in interruption.

Feeling the eyes of other students on me, I stepped out from the world of just us two that this strange girl had created.

“Is that the Bloodthirsty Hawk with a girl?”

“Man she’s cute is that his girlfriend?”

“No way right? Isn’t she scared of him?”

“Well I heard he’s not really a delinquent, so it should be okay?”

Hearing those upsetting comments I instinctively turned on my murderous aura.


A couple of the guys that had been talking ran away screaming after that.

They call me Bloodthirsty Hawk because of my aura and my family name.

In truth it’s only when I give off those vibes of ‘hey you’re annoying’ that people get scared and run off.

However, that’s just so I can avoid any overly annoying people and have a normal Highschool life.

I have quite a few friends and beloved underclassmen, so it’s fine if people like that run from me.


I talked in as serious a tone as possible while addressing the parasite stuck to my arm.

“Don’t you think enough is enough?”

“People will start spreading rumors at this rate if you don’t quit.”

“Fufufu. That was my plan all along my dear Seiji-kun!”

Like a villain explaining their master plans to the hero, this all too strange girl kept going.

“I expect by lunchtime the whole school will know you are my darling~.”

“Who the hell is your darling!?”

Ah, this girl is seriously tiring.

“Even though being apart might kill me, I must head this way unfortunately.”

With those words my arm was released from that breast prison, free again to rejoin society.

Thank you god!

“Hm too bad, too bad.”

“Well it was nice meeting you weird girl.”

With a somewhat haughty tone I said my farewells to the energetic alien parasite.

“Uuuu those cold words might freeze my heart Seiji-kun”

If only, I thought to myself.

“But don’t worry, we shall meet again, and soon.”

I felt a soft yet warm sensation on my cheek and stepped back quickly.

“Did you just?!”

“Hehe you’re blushing now. Don’t forget about me darling~.”

“I’m not blushing, and who the hell is your darling dammit!”

With those words she was off in a flash.


I clicked my tongue in dissatisfaction.

“Seriously that’s why girls like her are-”


“grozit the last thing I need today is to be late.”

Hearing the warning bell I ran towards the classroom.