I'm back to upload some of my artwork n__n

...yes I have been gone for a long long time once again, but I am not going to say: "Im back! for good!" because that's probably not true. I'll probably just disappear again soon xD hopefully not though!

For those of you who once knew me, I hope you guys can still enjoy my art the same as before (:
As for me leaving so much, my old art thread got closed loooonng ago, but I'm sure I have improved since then...then again...maybe not.

here's my 4 latest ones(from old to recent):
some of these are pretty hardcore, some are not...meh.




*just something to put out there: I basically retired from gfx designing xD from time to time I might make some...but not planning to as of right now. I'm a full time drawing maniac now *___*

If you want to see more, please visit me on my DA. It's the 3rd link in my sig.

please comment, and...