Hey, thanks for taking time to read this !

So I've been studying Japanese for a couple of months and I had started learning the kanji. Then I stopped when I knew about 100 kanji (Though I knew no compounds), because I didn't really know what I was doing... So I focussed on other parts of the language.

But recently I want to get back to it, though I'm really not sure how to tackle these compounds. Can anyone tell me how they study them?

What my basic problem is, is that I have my basic kanji, for example 門 , which I know is read as either kado or mon, and one of its compounds, for example 正門 , which I know is read as seimon. I know the translation as well (main entrance, main gate). However, no books or websites I know of, proceed to tell me how to write this compound character 正 . So I'm stuck with what to do with them... What do I do with the compound if I can't write it? I'm bound to forget what it looks like and what it means if I'm not able to write it.

So, can anyone tell me how they learn their kanji? Am I just supposed to be able to recognize these compounds in the beginning?? Because, as I've said, that sounds kind difficult to me.

Anyway, I hope someone can help me out !

Thanks a lot!!