It was said that we are like trees
That underneath a blanket of white
Our roots keeps us strong
That through the storm we weather the plight

It was said that we must play as the pawn
Even when our hearts yearn for the glory
That comes when the knight rides from the dawn
When we sentinel all that has come to be

We heared how easily it seems to seize a day
That slight movements of a hand
Could mean more than to turn away

We were asked to have it be enough
To hear voices calling through the wire
If it were to compensate that we havent given up
To pick us up everytime we say we tire

Though we have heared it all and more
We still plead, with the deciete, that we meet
Underneath, the waves and tide of the sea

So they say, but we answer with our hearts
We are all tragic stories born broken from the start
And with all we are, we are on bruised knees
So we say, for we are like the trees