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In that case I have a question:
I recetnly waas told to watch Resident Evil (which I think I will watch it) and heard they came out with a 5th game for it. Are any of the Resident Evil games on the 360? I NEED to play them! Form what i heard from friends REALLY cought my attention and I just need to try them otu for myself! Resident Evil forever!

*NOTE* I'm not so familiar with the games so i may know nothing about the games!
So far as I know, RE5 is the only one for the XBox360. I would highly recommend it even if you haven't played any of the other REs, because they explain the backstory and history *such as it is* while you're playing along.

If you can find some of the other REs - all except Outbreak, 0, Gun Survivor and Gaiden - play them if you have a PS2 or a Wii. (The ones I mentioned... gah, I either despise them or haven't played them.)