A vampire novel I'm working on:

Moonlight Hunting
The full moon stood out on clear nights like this. The air thick and heavy. Earth's somewhat stale breathe could be seen in the air has a yellow fog, only on clear nights this fog seemed to be out. Vegetation had been completely wiped out because of Earth's special kind of pollution. Oxygen seemed to disappear from the atmosphere of Earth, many cities were spread into small little patches of dome buildings, none as Oxygen Domes. That is where the humans lived, in these Oxygen Domes. And in each Oxygen Dome was a small unique city. Of course with Oxygen Domes spreading around, a new kind of open city began to emerge. The one of myth, the vampires kingdom. They found this a glorious moment. Though the sun still shined and of course they would burst into flames if they ever set out into the sun. They had our old cities like New York, all to themselves. For the most part water was hard to find around here, since most of the major oceans had dried up. Of course there are a few tiny little watering holes left. They served as the major function. And of course humans learned how to create steam into water. Pure steam, not this toxic yellow gas. And even so the cliché hunting and battling still went on. If there were vampires, they certainly were vampire hunters. Though in this case vampire hunting was more a sport, sort of like poaching. Though there are no laws against vampire hunting as there were poaching.

Though as impressive as the history of the Earth is, that wasn't the single thing that was impressive. In the unsettling fog was a black vehicle, made of armor like no other, it had massive lights that were the perfect representation of sunlight, and it somewhat had a truck and a van feel about it. All though being completely bullet and vampire proof. To most it would just be a crossbreed vehicle full of foolish hunters, but this vehicle was something special. It was called a Vank, armored van with room to fit large amounts of people, and a deep bed in the back like a truck. On the back side of the truck bed of the Vank were two small turrets, expensive these days. Inside the van part of the Vank, the walls were layered with expensive artillery. From pistols to shotguns, to even grenade launchers. Now with this great display of expensive equipment many people would look at this as flashy vampire hunters with no experience. Sitting behind the steering wheel they may classify this obvious giant, and if standing would be a good six feet and a few inches. He had eyes that could pierce through the back of someone's mind. It was a monotonous stare, emotionless, still, quiet, and fully concentrated. He wore merely some camou fatigues, with nice leather combat boots tied like a perfectionist. His body was impressively massive, bulging in every corner of the body with tight muscle.

He wore a tank top, with a bullet proof vest. As you roam around the nice set up of the rather odd color buttons of the Vank sits in the passenger seat a woman of vague beauty. She has short dark hair, almost bob like, close to the chin. Her eyes a stagnant blue, they almost seemed dulled out like most of her beauty. Her long eyelashes and he nearly perfect skin just made her look dull and boring, especially in the darkly lit inside of the Vank.

She wore a tight leather jump suit, long boots, and has pistols ready at her thighs. And even with the fear inducing equipment, she appeared the lesser of the rest of the group in the car. As she were a ghost, a woman who had lost her beauty due to a dull and boring job. Moving on from her through the Vank's large hall were two others. Sitting on the rather odd, almost hospital waiting room plastic chair was a young woman. She appeared that at first she seemed dull and boring, but compared to the one sitting in the passengers seat she was ideal. Her skin seemed to light up the dim lighted halls of the Vank, her green eyes seemed to pierce a gaze so stunning it was if staring into Medusa. She wore a less attractive outfit, a worn out t-shirt, some baggy khaki pants, and some combat boots. All though the outfit itself was dull, there was something about her lean, almost butch body that made it attractive.

In front of her was something that reminded anyone of a pool lounge chair. Though it was used as a bed for another member. He looked older then what his true age was, but maybe it was because he lay asleep looking even more like death then what he was suppose too. He was gaunt, very gaunt. His skin stretched on his bone, like staring at a doll or something. His nails were somewhat long and his skin pale sickly. He wore a dark red long sleeve shirt, with khaki pants, and something of black slip on shoes. If he were to stand up, which seems impossible his clothes would sag.
Then as you move out to the Vank in the protected bed near the turrets crouching so softly was the last. He was thin and lean, he had orange eyes full of a fiery lust of action. His eyes seemed to speak more then his solemn and grim face, he wore the same sad expression as everyone else did in the Vank. He wore a black t-shirt and some black jeans, with black tennis shoes. He smoothed back his red hair and walked in through the bed door back into the van part of the Vank.

“Nothing is out there much,” he said it was more directed to the man behind the wheel then anything else.
His words caught the eye of the female sitting on the chair, but she said nothing and didn't acknowledge it further. Instead she fixed her butch cut blond hair and continued to stare out the window that had bars for extra protection. The man from the bed of the Vank walked up to the girl sitting on the chair. His hand now on the wall and he was staring down at her. He wasn't doing this for her acknowledgment or really for any kind of agreement with words, he just liked doing it.
“For gods sake don't hover over her like that,” the woman with black hair said finally.
“Don't get your underwear in a bunch,” he replied.
“Treat her like a woman Marin,” she said again.
The giant man took one meat hand off the steering wheel, and placed it gently on the woman's knee as if trying to come her down.
“Yasmine,” he said his voice just as monotonous as his eyes.
“Lordric, I can't have him lording over Rose,” Yasmine said.
“She's our sister, we'll deal with it later,” Lordric said, “Marin don't get to close to her.”

Marin, Marinwell, didn't say anything or for the fact of the matter do anything to mock Lordric. It was probably fear of the giant man himself or it may be possible that Lordric has spoken the truth. The three Lordric, Marinwell, and Christian, the one laying on the bed, were blood related. They all look somewhat similar. Those Christian had his mother's features more. Rose was just taken in by the brothers one day. It was a vampire chase game, Rose worked alone back then when she was only seventeen. She was injured by the vampire. It was Lordric, whom Rose fears to this day, had suggested to kill her. Where as Christian convinced both brothers to keep her. They were all waiting for the day she'd try to take their blood. That was a funny misconception about vampires. They don't just have to bite you with their fangs to turn you into one of them. They can scratch you or even infect you threw air. And that is why tonight was so glorious. Vampire pollen spreads around earth in the form of yellowish fog, that sparkled slightly in clear nights like this one.

Then again each realized that they were all not normal. All vampire hunters regular gear consisted of an oxygen pack since the atmosphere and air was so thick and hard to breathe in. But they all soon realized that they didn't need it. They could breathe normal out there, they all had to check themselves for vampirism. But they seemed clear and negative for vampirism. So the best course of action was to shrug it off and never speak of it again. There was a clear reason why there were so many grim faces in this Vank. The fourth brother of blood relationships, died.

Yasmine had no clear family relationship with either of the members in this Vank. Instead she was the lover of Lordric, the giant of the group.
“We've nearly made it to Hell's Pass,” Lordric said almost finished with the other matter that had been brought up.
That of course never sat well with Marin. But he let it slide for some reason. Instead he walked back to the door that led anyone into the turret bed. He bent down and opened a little cupboard down at the bottom. He took out a can and a plastic spoon and went over to a chair closest to the door. Rose stared at him for only a moment, as if begging him to have manners or care for others.