I'm not sure if I should keep this short or not, but I guess I'll just let the words flow out. *shrugs*

I stumbled upon this board by the help of a very good friend, didn't really care much about it but finally gave it a second glance. That's when I decided to sign up. Looks interesting so far, has much much more extras and stuff than the other boards that are floating out there. I've got the attention span of a moth sometimes, so this'll keep me busy for sure. |D'

Yeah, uh... About me... my nick is NeigeMelancholique, more or less translates to "Melancholy of the snow" (... my french is fsucked up, I know, nyahahaha). Call me Neige if you want, it'll be easier to type 8D ... I love music I guess... and uhm. guise i srsly suck at this do i have to continue D:

whatev, nice meeting you folks, hope to make new friends or something.

- N