I'm a girl, a very tomboyish girl.

I'd play Halo, but i don't have the systems for it, and I really really stink at it.......Well, half of that was the fact my cousin kept shooting me to death when we were on the same team, and I mistook my teammates for enemies >_> XD It was my first time playing. >_> Halo 3 is hard, and there were no headshots D:<

...I play more games made for guys than girls. I also envy the guys at my school because they're at least bribed with promises of Wii's and PS2's at the Mother Son dance (previously bowling, which I also envied because I'd rather see my dad fall (he fails at bowling, alot, he runs, he throws the ball, and falls flat on his butt XD) than sit around talking to other dads while i sit around bored any day) >_>

....I pretty much hate anything that's really really popular with the girls in my class too, Jonas Brothers, Country Music, Pop Music (unless it's J-pop!) Twilight XP bleh. I prefer Rock and Metal music (and J-pop) and books that don't make vampires seem....like....fangirl-magnets.