Hi guys =)

I kinda like online games, so i just created a website that i think is cool, it needs to grow tho come and check it out if you have time

Play By Orc Games (http://orcpad.com)

We have some good games and we are uploading new ones as well =) You can also upload and share the games that you like =) ( just click the upload button )

By the way, do you have favorite online games?
You should try out Nanaca Crash... its a Japanese anime-like game =) also try Legends Of Surf... for now it's my fav game =) ... but will play some more today so maybe i will change my mind =P

Btw, if you can, post the game names here or links to some good games , would be nice to have a list of good games ^^

Thanks a lot,
James =)