All right, look. You may be thinking to yourselves, ‘Wow, how conceited of FaeryTaleAngel for starting her own Happy Birthday thread. Tsk, tsk, tsk…’

Well, think again! Ha-ha! I am doing something different here! So brace yourselves… *smirks* Nah, that is just my smirk of happiness and joyness-wonder-galore!!!!!!! Heehee

So I am one to become highly amused, and I become highly amused very easily at that. So for my Birthday, I am starting this thread for you guys. This is so you can write whatever random nonsense that you want. It can be something funny like a joke, or a story (<-for a couple of examples), amusing, humorous, boring, sad, angsty, happy, innocent, and etcetera…

Let your mind run free!!!!!!! *glee*

Stick to the Forum rules mind you. Then the black hammer of doom shall not punish you and take away your soul. Ha-ha!

Whichever post an individual decides to post, that amuses me and makes me laugh the most will win a prize/present in favor of my Birthday. Errr… Well, the individual will at least. Heehee

Have fun; have at it, and happy posting all/you guys!!!!!!!


Yours Truly,