That night, I had a really strange dream. The dream had me in school, surrounded by all the people I knew from the day before. We were talking, just about random stuff. Suddenly, it was like their voices disappeared. Everyone had gone silent, and their faces had changed from happy to blank expressions. Not only that, but soon after, their faces seemed to fall off like they were wearing masks the whole time! I was surrounded by face-less beings, and just before I had been killed...

A large ringing sound bombarded my ears. I woke up to the sound of my alarm as usual, turning it off and stretching. Yuko was still asleep beside me, and I thought it would be best to let her rest for today. I didn't wake her up, and I got ready for school as I normally would. On my way out, I found a cell phone sitting on the counter next to the door. There was a note beside it.

"I forgot to tell you that Yuko gave me this to give to you last night! She said it was important! ~Izumi"

I smiled slightly, realizing that Yuko had risked her life in order to get us both these phones so we could communicate. It was a little reckless, but it's not like I can hate her for it. It only makes me like her more.

I ran out the door in order to make it to school on time. The day went by as usual, and I felt safer in the school than I did outside it. My wish prevented any fighting in school, so I was safe as long as I was here.

Soon enough, the end of the day rolled by. I had told Yuko we would investigate this 'transfer student' together, but since she wasn't here, I would have to check him out myself. Or check her out. Gah, you get what I mean.

I walked into the class once the last bell had rung, seeing a student sitting at a desk still, even though class was over. He was just staring off into the distance. A teacher was next to him, trying to make him snap out of it, but she just couldn't wake him up. I walked over to him.

"Hey, class is over! You need to get out of here!" I said to him.

Almost instantly, this guy awoke from his tranze and stared right at me. He had an expressionless look on his face, and he wasn't saying a word. He just stared at me. Talk about a creepy way to make a first impression!

"Looks like you're awake. Come on, you need to get out of here." I said, pulling the guy to his feet and out of the classroom. The guy was skinny, but for some reason, he weighed a ton! It wasn't exactly 'easy' to pull him, but I needed to make it look like it was.

I got him off of school grounds and out of sight, then collapsed, gasping for air. The guy just stood there, still just staring at me. Man, why is everyone I meet a freak lately?

I stood once I had caught my breath. "Are you the new transfer student?" I asked.

"You are in danger here." he replied, dashing forward and, taking me with it, sprinted towards my house. It was almost like it already knew who I was and what I was supposed to do.

"Hey! Put me down! Who the hell do you think you are???" I yelled, hitting his back to try to slow him down. I stopped as soon as I saw what we were running from. A huge ship was in the sky, and it was flying right for us. Obviously I stopped saying for him to put me down right then and there. "Hurry! Get us away from that thing!" I screamed.

"Initializing retreat mechanisms." he said, and with a burst of speed, the ship in the sky was suddenly out of sight. Not only that, but we had stopped moving right in front of my house.

I don't know who this is... But I think he's on our side!