Soul Eater Fanfiction By Portizan, The Master of Despair

Will better describe the apperance in later Chapters.

Soul Eater- Bleeding Generation

Prologue- Brief Future

The sun was shining harshly The sun beat down with great purpose
and great anger onto March's pale skin and it was having a rather
unwanted effect upon the youth. His skin was moist with
perspiration and his cheeks were a rather unpleasant shade of light
red. He sighed heavily and wiped his forehead pointlessly with his
sweaty wrist. The heat was harsh and he felt like he wasn't getting
enough oxygen, he looked around and swore under his breath. She was
looking at him again, Andrea, she was new but everyone had said
that she had a crush on March even though he had been dropping
rather veiled hints he wasn't interested. He turned his back and
ran from the crowd, up the stairs to the front entrance and began
to cry, he hadn't wanted anyone to see him. "I really thought we
would win that one....but I guess as usual March came just a bit
too late for your liking huh...Sydney" He whispered to himself
through the hiccups. He suddenly felt a rather weak wavelength
behind him and turned, surely everyone was still at the memorial
service. Andrea was looking at the ground, her face was beet red
and he knew what was going to happen. "Well well well if it isn't
looking Aurel" She whispered in a voice that was most definitely
not her normal one. and March's face became a mask of horror. "No.
No way. No frickin way. How? HOW!!" He screamed.

Chapter 1- Revenge Meeting

"MARCH!" I heard the scream as if from far away, it was loud I knew
that but to me it was nothing more then a mouse squeaking. I could
feel the energy slowly draining from my body and to be honest it
felt great like just before you go to sleep and you get the feeling
of unconsciousness and consciousness at the exact same time. But
something was ruining my great feeling and it was pretty god damn
annoying. It was coming from my right hand and it was getting
louder every second and as time passed I felt strength flowing into
my body. I cracked open my eyes and though my vision was blurry I
recognized who it was, it was Centella. He appeared young but I
knew he was much older then what he looked like. He was the Plant
witch or Mage as he claimed all male Witches were called. I grit my
teeth and swung the bottom of my fist at the side of his head, but
I didn't even come close to hitting him but Sora sure did. Centella
swore loudly and dropped me, I landed on my feet but since I was
still pretty weak my legs crumpled under me and I landed on my
face, and suddenly everything that had happened burst forth in my
mind. I had been sent on a mission by Shinigami to find a mass
murderer by the name of Jackson Marger who only killed women and
their kids, that was his "thing". But half way through the battle
that usually ensued when we were sent out to take this evil
bastards down a witch appeared.
He had been young looking, roughly about my age which would make
him about 13.

However he was much different then your average teenager, he was taller standing easily at 5'9 maybe topping at 5'11, he was muscular too not buff just muscular like he didn't work out often but he didn't eat much fatty foods either. His hair was short and Light blond with deep blue but whenever he was using his powers they suddenly turned a scary shade of light green. He dressed normally however. He dressed in a gray t-shirt with a white hoodie and blue jeans which ankle parts were torn the one problem
was that his clothes were now stained with both mine and Jackson
Marger's blood. I struggled to get to my feet but when I did I
faced Centella and pointed Sora straight at him. "Come and lets end
this here and now" I whispered through clenched teeth. I lunged at
him but was knocked down from above by something I couldn't
Identify but I now know it was actually Eric Carrier my ally for
this mission I heard the sound of blade cutting into flesh and
winced, I hated that sound I preferred the thunk I hammer makes on a
good smash. I glanced at what Carrier had done and was amazed
Centella had a deep gash down his right arm however Carrier had
multiple deadly sharp Roses sticking out of his torso and arms
,they were pretty deep in there. I stood up and saw that Carrier
was gasping in pain and shaking. Centella whispered something and I
no longer sensed his Soul Wavelength, he was gone in a swirling
mass of rose petals. I swore and glanced around hoping against hope
but sure enough the soul was there for my taking I punched the air
and stuck Sora's bladed tip in it and watched as it was sucked
right in. "Game over next time your *** is mine Centella" I
whispered and I made my way over to try and help my partner with
Sora jogging at my side.