Chapter 1
A/N: I just finished watching the Karin anime and ive read upto volume 12 of the manga and I loved it (just thought id let you know) ok so there is an R.E lesson so please dont take any offence
“Nan, Gramps I'm going now” Imperia shouted to them as she approached the door “Crimson, I told you I'm not going to wait all morning for you” she shouted to her younger sister who came tumbling down the stairs”
“Sorry, I forgot something” she said walking to her side and heading out side, both of them carrying umbrella's to sheild the sun from their eyes as it gave them bad headaches, everyone thought they were weird but they didnt care to be honest.
As they reached the gates Imperia turned to her younger sister and hugged her tight “ok so have you got everything then” she asked checking her sisters bag.
“Yes, I'm 11 now stop fussing will ya its embarassing” she said snatching her bag away from her sisters grip.
“Im just worried because I'm 14 and soon I won't be able to...” she trailed off and turned her back “never mind I'll pick you up after school” she said walking away from her sister and towards her own school gate. Leaving Crimson with a guilty conscience to live with for the rest of the school day.
Half an hour past and soon she was in maths learning about equations, she stared blankly at the board and for the split second that she turned her head, the sun caught her right in the eyes causing her to keel in pain lying her head on the desk. The teacher looked over at her questioning what she was doing “Imperia is there something wrong or have you decided to take a nap?” she asked making Imperia's head shoot up.
“No miss, it was a sudden headache I'll be fine” everyone in the class shook their head and got back down to their work, no one liked her very much, and she didn't really like humans enough to make friends with any of them. She just threw them a horrible look and looked back at her work, writing down the equations from the board, ignoring the several glances she knew were being thrown at her.
The bell rang at the end of the lesson and she jumped out of her seat and packed her stuff away, there was one person she tried to avoid as much as possible, because for some reason he never stopped looking at her. It wasn't one of thoose she's really cute looks, it was a 'I wonder what you're hiding' look that made her really uncomfortable. She knew that it wouldn't be possible for a human to work out she was a vampire that has not yet become an adult but all the same he hardly ever took his eyes off her.
At lunch Imperia headed over to the library were it was the quietest and she knew that she wouldn't be disturbed. She usually sat there with her head on the desk trying to ignore the sun, but today she decided to actually read something. She loved reading the books humans wrote about vampires, just to see what they think vampires are like made her laugh, like the 'Garlic can kill them' she thought sure she hated garlic, but it could never kill her it was just that her nose was much more sensitive than that of a human which made the smell all the more unpleasent. Her favourite was the stake through the heart, not that if she staked a human in the heart they'd be just fine, it would actually make her laugh if they had gotton back up after some one shoved a thick piece of would through their heart. She could just imagine the sight of a human pulling out the stick, but then realising he couldnt live and just dieing and it made her laugh. As the bell went to end lunch period she grabbed her bag and headed into the corridoor. She had R.E now, one of her most hated subjects because the teacher seemed to hate her and the it was the room that caught the most sun out of all of them. She was becoming really tired, as the sun beated down on her back and she fell asleep on the desk all of a sudden, until CRACK. “IMEPERIA DAWN” the teacher shouted slamming books on her desk which sent Imperia shooting up, “this is not your bed this is an area of learning, now sit up straight and listen to the words of god” she told her. Imperia seemed really rebelious and especially didn't feel like listening to the words of God. But she sat there all the same and waited ofr the hour to go by until she could go home and do whatever she wanted, but the lesson felt like an eternity and all she heard all lesson was the teachers voice drolling on at her. She'd much rather be locked in her grandmothers coffin the withstand sitting here listening to “and that's when God said to Noah, 'I want you to build me an arch for i am to make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights' finally after an hour of torture the bell, and Imperia rushed from the room to collect her sister, she popped her umbrella up as soon as she got out the building and slowly made her way to the junior side of the school.
“Well Crimson how was school?” she asked as her sister ran to her side and popped up her umbrella.
“Like any other day, completely boring, what about you?” she asked in return.
“Well it was...” Imperia was stopped when she saw the stalker boy walking up to her and stopping in front, e grabbed her shoulder and whispered in her ear.
“I know what you are Imperia Dawn”