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Thread: Original Fiction:The GVG Team and the Island of the Looping Pitfalls Chapter 1 Part 1

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    Default Original Fiction:The GVG Team and the Island of the Looping Pitfalls Chapter 1 Part 1

    Chapter 1 Part 1: The Crash

    The GVG Team has taken a trip to Gaming Island to meet some game characters and retrieve the rare item in the Gaming Temple. They had to get to there by plane, when suddenly the storm hit. It hit the fuel engine and the plane was out of control. "We're going down!" the pilot said. The plane crashed on a mysterious island and when they looked out to the right, there were at the island of the looping pitfalls. "I'm scared," said Snowy. "Me too!" yelled Spooky. Pikachu and Mr. Fluffolopogus decided to explore. But three questions remain: Where are they? Will they do something, and without the GVG center crew, will they find help? Find out next time.

    To be continued...
    Part 2: The Brawl and the Looping Pitfalls
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