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Thread: FullMetal Alchemist Fanfiction: Babysitting FullMetal: Chapter 1 [rewritten]

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    Default FullMetal Alchemist Fanfiction: Babysitting FullMetal: Chapter 1 [rewritten]


    The young girl groaned as she lazily hit the snooze button on her alarm clock. She knew she had to get up, but she pulled the covers over her head, refusing to do so.

    "Why is it that the weekend never manages to last long enough?" she yawned.

    What only seemed like two minutes turned into ten and her alarm clock went off again. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE-- She sat up, and slammed on the alarm clock, turning off the alarm for the day. She threw the blankets off of her as she stood up and stretched.

    "I have a feeling today" she yawned again as she grabbed her glasses, "isn't going to be one of my better days."

    She walked into the bathroom, wobbling along the way. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror. Her curly blonde hair was a mess, and her light blue eyes looked dull. She had to start going to bed earlier.

    She grabbed her toothbrush, applied the toothpaste, and began her twice-daily duty. She began to make faces while she was brushing her teeth, only to embarass herself realizing how childish she was acting. She finished brushing her teeth, and walked back into her bedroom.

    "Hm" she wondered, "what hairstyle would go best with my uniform?"
    She put on her unifom, and started to brush her hair. She then tied her hair back, and clipped it up. Her everyday style, nothing special today, nothing special tomorrow. She started to look for her work shoes, and when she couldn't find them, her face drained of the little bit of color it had. She had lost her work shoes!

    "Dammit!" she yelled, "I lost my work shoes! Now what am I supposed to wear!?"

    She looked in her closet and concentrated on the few pairs of shoes she owned. There were white tennis shoes, lime green flip-flops, and black boots. Boy, she was screwed. She had to make a decision fast if she wanted to eat breakfast before she had to leave for work. She hastily grabbed her boots and hopped around trying to put them on as she headed to the kitchen.

    On her way there she happened to forget about the carpet in the hallway, and slipped. She fell flat on her face. While laying there, trying not to yell out of frustation her cat, Spazz, walked up to her. He sat down in front of her, looked at her for a minute, and walked on top of her.

    "Thanks Spazz" she sighed, "that's EXACTLY what I needed."

    After a few minutes of laying there, trying to keep her cool, she realized she didn't have this kind of time to waste. All of her time she had to spend was spent in bed this morning, ignoring the alarm clock. She helped herself up, and brushed herself off.

    "I don't have time to eat" she said, "but I'm so hungry."

    She realized missing one meal wasn't as bad as being late to work, so she headed out the door.

    She didn't own a car, so she walked to work. She walked down the street, smiling at people she passed, and blushing when her stomach talked. It didn't bother her that much though, she was thanking her lucky stars it wasn't raining.

    She arrived at the office, just on time too. She clocked in, and headed towards the filing office. and grabbed her papers for the day. When she was flipping through the file, she saw a note that read "Meet Mustang in his office A.S.A.P." She sighed. She always hated meeting with him. He'd make some perverted jokes, start talking about the women of the military in mini skirts, and the he'd tell her something she REALLY didn't want to hear. Bad news.

    "Crap, I wonder what he wants?!" she thought out loud.

    She headed towards Mustang's office, with minor chit-chat along the way.

    Then she was spotted by Hughes.

    "Why right now?" she thought to herself.

    "Hey Sara!!" Hughes happily yelled.

    "Hey Hughes, what's new?"

    "Nothing really... except I just got at least TWENTY new pictures of Elysia!"

    "Oh joy. Could they wait until later? I've got a meeting with Mustang right now..."

    "Sheesh. Don't be such a kill-joy" Hughes said as he started to walk away from her, "I'll show you them later."

    She totally disregarded the fact that she pissed Hughes off a bit, and continued to head towards Mustang's office. She hadn't really noticed how far away his office was from the main entrance before.
    When she reached his office door, she gently knocked hoping he didn't hear her.

    "Come on in." she heard him yell from the other side of the door.

    She sighed to herself and put on her fake smile. She opened the door, and walked to his desk to greet him 'cheerfully'. He always eyed her like he knew she was faking when she did this, but he'd then go about his business.

    "Well, I'm going to get straight to the point" he said, "I've got an assignment for you."

    Wow. She was getting an assignment? This was the first time in a long time she has gotten an assingment. Weeks, maybe even months.

    "I need you to guard a special alchemist" he said, "I trust you'll be able to handle the assignment?"

    "Yes Sir" she replied, "might I ask who this alchemist is?"

    "Well, he should be here right about" he was interupted.


    "Mustang? We're coming in!" a boy yelled.

    "" Mustang finished as two people walked into the room.

    One of the boys was short, very short, with bright blonde hair. He wore a bright red cape and black clothing. While as the other one was extremely tall, and in a suit of armor.

    Sara couldn't help but stare at them while wondering about her assignment. Wasn't she only supposed to watch one alchemist?

    "Hello Edward, did you get shorter?" Mustang said with a smirk.


    WITH THREE MICROSCOPES??!!" the short one yelled.

    "Brother, he didn't say any of that" the taller one said, "just calm down."

    "Oh, so now your siding with HIM?"

    "I'm not siding with anyone, I'm just saying you shouldn't over-react so

    "Al, don't say anything unless are you going to side with ME."

    The tall metal one--apparently a boy named Al--just sighed, deciding to let his brother have the last word. The shorter one--apparently a boy named Edward--walked over to one of the two couches in Mustang's office with his brother following.

    "So, Edward" Mustang broke silence "you see this young lady here?"

    "Yeah, what about her?" Edward replied.

    "Well, she'll be watching over you for a while."

    "EXCUSE ME?!"

    "Do you have a problem with that Edward? I don't mind bringing this situation up to the Fuhrer..."

    Boy did Edward look mad. Was Sara really feeling heat radiating from him?
    Nah, it must've been her imagination. Edward still looked pret-ty mad
    though. Sara felt awkward being in the room.

    "Nice to meet you" Sara quietly said to Edward, "I'm Sara and I'll be protecting you for a while."

    "Yeah, yeah. Just shut up will ya? You are definetly NOT protecting me" Edward snapped back, "If anything, it'll be the other way around."

    "Brother! Don't be rude to Sara! It's not like she WANTS to do this, it's an order from the Colonel!" Al hissed at his brother.

    Edward didn't talk the rest of the meeting, he just sat there and sulked. Al was trying his best to be polite, but he was feeling as awkward as Sara was. Mustang was telling Edward a list of things he should not do, not that he was listening. While as Sara was standing by Mustang's desk, the same place she had been since she'd walked in there fifteen minutes ago.

    "Well, we're leaving" Edward said as he suddenly stood up, "come on Al."

    "Not without Sara you aren't" Mustang ordered, "Sara, follow them no matter where they go."

    "Y-yes Sir." Sara replied, following orders.

    While Edward and Al walked out of the room, Sara hastily followed, not wanting to be reported to the Fuhrer.

    Edward walked through Central's halls without saying a word, until he reached the main entrance. As soon as they had all left the premises of the Central building, he stopped dead in his tracks. He quickly turned around and faced the girl who was at least five inches taller than him.

    "We are going to the Hotel here in Central, you might as well go home" Edward said sharply.

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