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Thread: Hello, it's Shrike from the days of the old

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    Default Hello, it's Shrike from the days of the old

    Hello everybody, I posted an introductory message in, well, introductions, but somehow I feel more at home posting here, plus I think somebody here might know me =) For those who don't, I'm a Finnish guy who used to be something of a regular in the old under the name Shrike (I gather there already is a Shrike roarming the forums, so had to get a different nick), mostly seen around the lyrics threads nagging at people for their translations. I dropped out for several years after the previous site died, but well, here I am and it's good to be back.

    Ps. Dear moderators: I know this message doesn't belong here, and it could be considered spam by some people. I don't intend to clog up the forums, I only posted it here to get in touch with the right people. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, I'll only do it this once.
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