So here how things are... Sakura broke up with Syaoran a year after Syaoran returned to Hong Kong because of the distance and she couldn’t wait for him anymore. Syaoran understands and knows it must have been hard on her. Years later Syaoran returns to Japan to study at Tokyo University and hasn’t seen Sakura and the gang for 7 years. Tomoyo got accepted to Tokyo University and met Syaoran once again.
So this is a story of their new love. Enjoy!

It’s the middle of February and the start of a new semester. Students greeted one another, asking how their holidays were and showing off their new stuff. “Look at my new shoes, my dad bought it for me from Paris.” Said a girl. “Look at my new necklace my mom bought it.” Said another. Even though it’s a new semester is here but the students are still in holiday mode. Somehow this stresses me a lot, my holidays were always consisting of training, studying and more training.
“Why am I here?” I asked myself as I walk through the corridor going for my morning lecture.
“Hey Li, morning.” Said a voice behind me.
I turn to see a tall guy with messy hair and wearing a white T-shirt with a picture of an Island and bold writing on it says ‘Aloha’. “Good morning Ray.” I answered.
Ray is one of the first friends that I make here in Tokyo University. He’s a second year and taking computer engineering, the same as I am. Since he is honest and a friendly person. It was easy being friends with him.
“So how was Hawaii?” I asked smiling.
“Oh yeah it was great man the waves was awesome, the babes was beautiful and the food was delicious. Huh? How did you know I went to Hawaii for the holidays?” Ray said looking puzzled.
“Hmm? I don’t know maybe it’s because of the tan that you have or the T-shirt that you’re wearing with ‘Aloha’ on it.” I answered with a smirked.
“Oh yeah the T-shirt. I forgot that I was wearing it. So how’s your holiday Li?”
“Nah just the usual. I went back to Hong Kong and met my relatives, had a family dinner and came back that’s all.”
“Well that’s nice. So what class are we having this morning?”
“Networking with Mrs. Tey.” I turned to him. “You haven’t seen the bulletin board have you.”
“Hey I just got here. So at what time is the lecture?”
“Now.” I answered while running to the lecture hall.
“Hey Li wait up.” Ray ran catching up to me.
2 hours later;
“I can’t believe Mrs. Tey lecture was at 8 o’clock in the morning.” Ray said.
“Yeah, It’s a good thing that you came early today and meet me first.”
“Yeah, want to have breakfast? Our next class doesn’t start until 11.”
“Nah I’ve had breakfast before coming here. Besides the cafeteria will be pack with students since it’s the start of the year.”
“Yeah, that’s why I’m inviting you man. New first year students, man. Let’s scout for pretty girls.”
“Hahaha…. I’ll definitely pass.”
“Aww.. come on Li.”
“Thanks for inviting but seriously I’ll pass.”
“Ok, ok, I won’t force you. See you in class.”
“Yeah sure, bye.” I said.
As I walked slowly towards the exit suddenly I saw a familiar figure at the notice board. A very beautiful girl with long silky black hair that reached right above her waistline and smooth skin as white as snow. She had the most stunning amethyst eyes anyone has ever seen. She was wearing a light blue dress with purple flowers on it. Somehow she looked very trouble. I approached her and saw that she was looking at the advertisements about renting a room or an apartment. ‘Ah I see she’s looking for a place to stay.’
“Are you looking for a room or an apartment?” I asked from behind her.
“Just a room for me.” She answered back still looking at the ads.
“Then I think this one here might suit you.” I said pointing an ad to her.
“The place and the rent is ok I guess but the owner prefer a guy for a housemate.” Still looking at the notice board.
“Nah, he just writes that he prefer a guy but he doesn’t mind if the person is someone he already know.”
“Really? How do you…” The girl asked finally turning her head looking at me in a very surprise way.
“Because that’s my ad.” I answered calmly and smiled. “Tomoyo Daidouji…”
“Li? Li Syaoran? Oh my god!” Tomoyo said as she hugged me and I hugged her back.
“I’m glad to see you again Daidouji…” I said still hugging her.
“I’m glad too. We haven’t seen each other since primary school.” She said as she let go.
“Yeah, it has been what 7 years? You’ve become more beautiful Daidouji.”
“Thanks and you look good too Li-kun. Oh god and here I thought I’m going to be all alone here.”
“Where have you been? I came to visit Tomoeda last year but you have moved.”
“Yeah we had to move since there were problems in our company branch in Kyoto. My mom had to work there and since Sakura and I got accepted to college there it was ok for us.”
“Yeah Touya said something about the both of you were studying there.”
“Touya? You met him?”
“Yeah I did, last year. He was doing his masters. He was the one who helped me a lot last year.”
“Touya didn’t say anything about you to us.” Tomoyo said looking puzzled.
“So what course are you taking? I don’t remember there were any courses for fashion designing here.” I said quickly as to change the subject.
“I’m taking business management here since I would like to take over the family business. However designing clothes is my hobby and passion.”
“Yeah I know. I’m taking computer engineering.”
“Computers? I swear you’re more of a business type.”
“So would you like to rent the room? I can take you there to have a look at the end of the day if you like.”
“I don’t know, won’t I be a bother?”
“You a bother? Nonsense you know me more than anyone in this whole University do. You already know who I really am and about the magic business. How can you be a bother?” I explained.
“Are you sure?” she asked still looking unsure.
“Yeah it’ll be great.”
“Ok. I’ll go and see the place after class.”
“So at what time will you be free?”
“I finish class around lunch, at 1 o’clock.”
“That’ll be great. We can have lunch first before going.”
“So I’ll wait for you at the cafeteria?”
“Ok. That will be good. I got to go now. I have a class at 11.”
“Ok see you then.”
In front of the cafeteria 1 o’clock;
Tomoyo’s POV
‘Erm… Am I early?’
‘I still can’t believe that Li-kun is studying here.’
‘I wonder if he still has feelings for Sakura. Maybe I should ask him.’
As I was busy with my thoughts suddenly a tall guy with curly hair came up to me.
“Hello there, are you alone.”
“Oh hello, I’m waiting for someone.”
“A friend is it? My name is Brian I’m a second year here. I saw you in class today. So you are taking business.”
“Yes I am…” I answered flatly.
“So what’s your name?”
“Daidouji Tomoyo”
“Tomoyo-chan is it? So are you free later tonight? Want to hook up with me?”
“No thank you…” I declined.
“Oh come on Tomoyo-chan, let’s get to know each other more.”
This guy is starting to really annoy me. At that moment I saw Li-kun walking towards the cafeteria. ‘This is my chance.’
“Syaoran!!” I called out.
Li-kun looked at me a little puzzled and surprised but then when he saw Brian in front of me he smirked. ‘He understands, yes!’
“Hey there, Tomoyo. Did you wait long? I’m sorry my class got held up a few minutes.”
“That’s ok, I’m glad you’re here. Come on let’s have lunch.” I said as I grab Li-kun’s arm.
“Sure I’m starving. Later man.” He said playing along.
I turned to see Brian’s face and to my pleasure he looked very dumbfounded. ‘Yes!’ I thought as I giggle.
“Very.” I said still giggling.
Syaoran POV
I smiled as I watch Tomoyo giggled when she fooled Brian. ‘She looks cute when she’s like this.’
“What do you want to eat?”
“Emm… I think I’ll have chicken porridge.”
“Ok, I’ll buy it for you. Can you find a place where we can seat?”
“Ok.” Tomoyo nodded.
Tomoyo found a place near the window and we sat to eat lunch. But as I predicted people are watching us.
“Ne… Li-kun. Why is everyone staring at our table?” Tomoyo suddenly whispered to me noticing peoples stare.
“Don’t mind them they’re just admiring your beauty.” I said playfully.
“Aww… Stop doing that. You’re making me blush Li-kun.” Tomoyo said as she playfully beat my hand.
“And Daidouji… You can call me Syaoran just like before.”
“Thank you, but you too must call me Tomoyo.”
As we were eating Ray came to our table. By the looks on his face he probably has a lot to ask.
“Yo Li,”
“Who is this girl you suddenly eating together with?” Ray asked as he checks her out.
“Oh? Let me introduce you then. This here beautiful and fair lady is Tomoyo Daidouji. A first year in Business Management” Then I turn to Ray. “And Tomoyo this civilized barbarian here is my friend Ray and he is currently in the same class as I am.”
“Nice to meet you Ray.”
“Nice to meet you too.” The both of them shake. Suddenly Ray turns to me and playfully strangles me. “Who are you calling barbarian. And where did you find this babe.”
“So Ray can you tell me why is everyone staring at us?” Tomoyo asked.
“Huh? Why else? You’re very beautiful.” Ray answered playfully as I give him a high 5.
“Oh come on stop that you 2. Can you please answer me seriously? There are more beautiful people than me.” She said getting angry.
“We are answering your question seriously. You’re beautiful Tomoyo.” I said calmly.
“Yeah that’s a part of the reason. And there’s another.” Ray added.
“So what’s the other reason?”
“Well you see Li here has a reputation as a woman hater. He had been confessed to by quite a number of girls last year and he always turns them down right on the spot.”
“The girls even make a game out of it. Who can make me say ‘yes’. But each and every time I just said ‘no’.” I added.
“And suddenly here there’s a beautiful girl who’s eating together with Li Syaoran and talking casually with him. Hell you’re a legend.” Ray continued.
When Ray finished talking all of us laugh.
“Well somehow I can understand that. It took me and Sakura a year to make him open up to us.”
“Huh? A year?” Ray looked confused.
“Tomoyo and I were friends since we were in primary school.”
“Since primary school? No wonder he looks no comfortable talking to you. Tomoyo-chan.”
“So would you like to join us Ray?” I asked.
“Nah I ate a lot this morning. I’m going to the library after this.” He paused. “Beside I’m not going to interfere in your date.”
“Ok, See you tomorrow then. Don’t forget our class at 9.”
“I know. See you later, Li, Tomoyo-chan.” He said as he got up and went away.
“He’s a nice person.”
“Ray? Yeah he is. He’s honest and a very kind person. Even though he’s loud but a really good friend.”
“It’s nice to see you make new friend Syaoran. You really change a lot.”
“Me change? Maybe a little but I still try to keep my distance.”
“You don’t want people to know who you are, do you?”
“Well I try to keep it as a secret the thing about me being a future Li clan leader and a sorcerer.”
“Then you don’t have to keep your distance with me ok.”
“So are you done?” I asked as I smiled.
“Let’s go then.”

How is it? Everyone