Chapter 4
“Mom! Mom! You’ll never guess what happened!” Mary bursted as she blew into the house. Kate looked up in awe. “What, what happened now?” she asked, expecting to hear about how the ice cream truck gave her free ice cream, again. “Juliette can come with me to the Showgrounds!” Mary replied, jumping up and down. Kate stared up at Mary. -And down.- “Juliette?” Kate asked. “Are you sure? You haven’t seen each other for years an” Kate was cut off straight away. “Yes, I’m sure. It’ll give me some time to catch up with her, with super free fun!” Mary lied. She didn’t really want to go with Juliette.
She was different, and despite her orderly fashion of clothing and speech, nobody knew what really lurked around in her brain and heart. “Well, okay.” Kate said with a sigh. “Your dad will be here soon, so get ready to leave at…?” Mary looked up and smiled. Soon, that smile turned into a terrified look. “Golly gimickers!” Mary cried. “We’re meeting in 10 minutes!” Kate instantly dropped the plates she was scrubbing calmly and said; “Don’t worry. Your father is at the door, I just heard him. Now, go and get ready.” Kate said reassuringly. “But mom, I am ready!” Mary cried, trudging towards the front door to greet -and pull away- at her father.
“No missy!” Kate said sternly. “You aren’t going to go to the showgrounds in your favourite step dress!” Mary sulked and walked upstairs, against her will. As Mary neared her room, she thought about what to wear. ‘Juliette would wear her petite flow skirt and a t shirt. So I’ll wear my Red Carishee skirt and my purple flower t shirt.’ she thought. And she instantly threw on her outfit and ran downstairs. “Mom! I’m ready steady… And GO!” Mary reared to the side only to see her mother putting on her coat and her father walking outside to the car. “Now what are you staring at, miss Mary moppin?” Kate said enthusiastically. Mary smiled and ran out, and took a moment to look at her fathers old Cadillac. It was a faded blue, yet the finest of cars in Ambercue. She proudly stepped in and awaited the ride to The Ambercue Showgrounds.

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