Chapter 3
As Mary walked down the sunny sidewalks of Ambercue, she thought and wondered about who to take with her to the showgrounds. The words responsible pondered through her head continuously, like a hungry dog begging for food. ‘Of course’ she though. ‘The park! A perfect place to find children, responsible enough to go to the park alone, and always willing to find some fun!
She jogged her way to the Ambercue Local Park, and as she neared the sign, she was interrupted by a small innocent voice. “Mary!” Mary was startled, and she jumped up immediately. “Ah, Juliette! You scared the devil out of me!” said Mary. Juliette stared at Mary with her big green eyes, her dead straight light brown hair blowing in the sudden wind. “So you just making your way to the park, I see.” Juliette’s voice was innocent and small, even though she herself was sturdy and taller than average. “Uh. Yeah, were you?” asked Mary. Juliette smiled and nodded briskly. “Were you just planning to play a game of tag or marbles?” she asked. As Juliette asked this question, Mary thought back to the childhood days -around 5 or 6 years old- that Mary and Juliette had had together. She thought back to the days of Barbie Dolls, and singing along to Elvis Songs.
“Um, no. Actually, I was trying to see if anybody wanted to come with me to the Ambercue Showgrounds tonight. Do you want to come? To be qualified, you need to be responsible!” Mary said, as she put on her most professional look and voice. Juliette was delighted by this fact. “Sure! I’d love to come! And I’m responsible, so don’t worry!” Juliette said excitingly. “Really?” Mary said, surprised. You see, Juliette was very good friends with Mary when they were younger, and when Juliette was 6, she and her family moved to North Haverfield, a long way, about 4 hours car ride, from Ambercue. Juliette and her mom, Sylvia, dad, Dean and Brother Nathan has came back when she was 10 years old. Mary’s mom, Kate and Juliette’s mom, Sylvia, had only done a 5 minute catch up once, at the mothers meeting at the Town Hall.
That was all the talking for one year.
Mary was surprised that Juliette still wanted to come with her, since North Haverfield was a town not known to younger children. So Mary had thought that she and her neighbours had gotten into makeup, magazines, boys and all that mumbo-jumbo. “Yes really!” Juliette replied. “Why… Why were you so surprised?” Mary panicked at this question. Even though it seemed that Juliette hadn’t changed after the move, she still wasn’t sure about her attitude. “Oh, uh.. No reason. At all…” Mary stuttered. “So, when shall I pick you up? Or would you like to meet at the showgrounds?” Juliette paused to think about this for a while. As this time passed, Mary examined Juliette’s figure and clothes. She was wearing what she would of worn when she was 7. A layered yellow skirt with a elbow cut blue top. Her hair was down and flowing around, with a small yellow ribbon on it.
“I’ll meet you at the showgrounds at about 5 o’clock, just at the midst of dusk.” Juliette said, after the long wait. “Is that alright with you?” she asked. Mary nodded and smiled. “Yeah, that’s great! Well, I guess I better go and help my mom with the chores.” said Mary, willingly. “Okay. See you at five, Mary!” Juliette said as she passed Mary and turned into the park. “See you, Juliette!” Mary said, in reply. Juliette turned sharply towards Mary and took a shuffle towards her. “I’d prefer it if you’d call me Julie, actually. If that’s alright. Its much easier and has a ring to it!” Juliette said.
“Alright, Julie. See you then!”