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Thread: Faq : All About Us!

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    Here are just some things to keep in mind:

    1)Be Nice - No one wants nasty attitudes ... Please try to be kind in dealing with each other

    2)Private Message me if you want to start a New Game (thread)...All unapproved threads will be closed. I am always open to new ideas.

    3)Remember, foul language WILL be edited out so the preview button is your friend.

    4)Check the Games Listing to see what games are open, read a short description of each and see who is managing it.

    5) No Junior Modding... That means do not ask more than once to be a Co Moderator.... Do not act like you are in charge of everything and try to tell people what to do... and if there are any problems (including with the Manager of the story the issue is in) private message me about it... Don't blow up an argument in the thread!

    6) Don't spam. Spamming will earn you a smack down from the fluffy pink hammer of doom! (Not to mention a Warning)

    Happy Playing!!!
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