Well I searched and Coulden't find a Chibi Vampire Manga review, so i though I would make one.

Type: Manga. Nine-volume series.
Genre: Supernatural and Romance.

Story: (10/10)
The story revolves around the main character, Karin, the middle child in a family of vampires who immigrated to Japan two centuries earlier. However, Karin is different from the rest of the family in that she makes blood instead of feeding on it. And because of this, she has to inject blood by biting someone or else she suffers exaggerated nosebleeds. And any time she goes near this kid, Kenta Usui, her blood increasses. As the story progresses, Kenta and Karin's attachment to one another grows, and so do their problems.

Characters: (9/10)
Well all the characters are great. I would give the characters a nine because their original and, at the same time, they seem and feel like you've seen them before in other animes or mangas. The older brother, Ren, has a sasuke (From Naruto) type attitude. I mean he acts like an A-hole most of the time. While the younger sister, Anju, gives off the gothic doll feel. She dresses like a gothic doll, talks likes she's 4 times older than she really is, and carries a talking doll named Boogie-kun around with her. Boogie-kun has the ghost of a cerial killer sealed inside of him and he carries a knife in his left hand. Karin's Mother and Father, Henry and Calera, are pretty unique characters. They get into fights, yell alot, and yet you can tell they love eachouther. And then there's poor kenta, who has way too many problems to count. [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']
He's dirt poor, his grandmother ignores his existance, his mother can't find a job so he had to get two jobs to pay the rent for their appartment, and karin's grandmother dosen't like him at all and tried to drink his blood. [/FONT]


Art: (10/10)
The manga is beautifully drawn!

Overall: (10/10)
Well what can I say? This manga is deffenantly 100% different from all the other vampire stories out there. I mean how many high school vampires do you know of that make blood, have huge nose bleeds, and fall in love with a regular High school guy?
So i highly reccomend this to everyone out there!