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You either haven't grasped what he's saying, or you're deliberately misunderstanding it (i.e. putting up a straw man). Either way, shame on you.
I was not entirely sure what he is saying, which is why I started my post by saying "are you suggesting that...", since I had an idea about what he is saying (and gave my argument based on that) but I was still not exactly sure (I was actually hoping that is not what he meant, which is why I wrote my post the way I did). In any case, unless there some underlying message that I do not yet understand, I still disagree. I may have misunderstood what he is saying but I did not do it on purpose.

I disagree that religion, in and of itself, is a bad thing that harms or kills people. That might sound weird coming from someone who is a witch and has had many clashes with Christians (and history has more evidence of this), but it is because of my beliefs why I say religion is not a bad thing. I can not say "religion kills!" because I am still a follower of a religion (Wicca). It would be a little awkward to support the elimination of religion, yet practice a religion at the same time.